Would It Really Be So Crazy?

If Nor’easter and VCU lost their final three regular season games, Mason lost two of three, and the glut of JMU, ODU, Drexel, and Hofstra managed to win/lose to put seven teams at 11-7?

Imagine that.

Would it be crazy to say JMU would lose its best player in December, its heart-and-soul for much of the season, and a brand new coach would have them at 9-6 and on the brink of a top four seed?

Would it be crazy to say that the preseason consensus basement team, Drexel, would be 10-5 and on the cusp of a three seed?

Would it be crazy to think that the #11 and #12 team would defeat the #2 and #1 team, ON THE SAME NIGHT?

Would it be crazy to note the fact in itself that with three regular season games to play, seven teams would be within two games of the lead?


I’m not saying there is even a two percent chance of seven 11-7 teams, but my point is simple: Don’t give Mason at UNCW to Larranaga yet.

Don’t blink, or you will miss something.


EDIT: You guys must be bored or chock full of good timing. Immediate response has forced me to look to see if it could happen.

It can:

NU loses to GSU, Drexel, ODU = 11-7

VCU loses to Delaware, JMU, GSU = 11-7

Mason beats Drexel, loses to UNCW and Towson = 11-7

Drexel loses to Mason and W&M, beats NU = 11-7

ODU beats NU and either UNCW or W&M, and loses to the other = 11-7

JMU beats VCU and either Hofstra or Delaware, and loses to the other = 11-7

Hofstra wins two of its final three to go 11-7.


~ by mglitos on February 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “Would It Really Be So Crazy?”

  1. So how would they finish?

    Based on the information in the link, the only variable would be JMU beats HU. So here is how they would be seeded, assuming it finished exactly that way and all 7 were tied for first:

    1. VCU 6-3 (0.666 )
    2. ODU 6-4 (0.600 )
    3. JMU 5-4 (0.555 ) (second tie breaker .666, third .500 )
    4. GMU 5-4 (0.555 ) (second tie breaker .666, third .000 )
    5. DU 5-4 (0.555 ) (second tie breaker .333 )
    6. NU 5-5 (0.500 )
    7. HU 3-7 (0.300 )

    My only question is would we all be considered co-champions??

  2. Well done Rick. I’m thinking Yeager will thank us for keeping their Excel from blowing up.

    I don’t know that co-champions covers it. Septachamps?

  3. Oh, I know..Mason ALWAYS loses at Trask…I’m dreading that game already.

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