Our Goals

The key word here is “our.” This is our site and our conference and our sport. I’ve found that the CAA and its competition stands for everything that is right in the world.

I know that is very goofy and dramatic, but it is true. What other conferences openly cheer for the opposition when the postseason rolls around? It’s “our” space to explore because we are dabbling in this together.

Understand that dabbling means things will change. I don’t even know what to call this extended research project. Yes, it is mostly a blog. But it’s more. The goal is to share knowledge, perspective, and ideas. It’s bedrock is exploration and discussion. Yes, there will be ham-handed promotion and silliness. It goes with the territory. And there is no doubt that this is a cumulative and evolutionary process and that’s a good thing. So relax and enjoy it.

But the goal won’t change: to get you to think a little bit. React. Then think a little more. I firmly believe this will make you college hoops experience even better.


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