Cinderella: The Book Cover

This is the book project that kicked off the blog (and everything else). I was fortunate enough to choose the year George Mason won its way to the Final Four to follow the Colonial Athletic Association to write about the hardships and heartbreaks of mid major basketball. Ironically, there wasn’t much heartbreak in a sports-world-shocking run to the pinnacle of the sport, but the book is pretty good. And timely, no?

Some reviews:

Booklist Review: “The book fairly bubbles over with excitement, an underdog story so uplifting that readers will cheer–out loud, mind you–at the end. A must-read for college basketball fans.”

School Library Journal Review: This title provides a valuable perspective on the economic and competitive struggles of mid-major teams to build their programs and to demonstrate their parity with perennial powers. Litos’s insights on mid-major issues and dilemmas are embedded in a lively chronicle of CAA games, personalities, and traditions.”


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