Buy Me

Make no mistake, I can be bought. Or, this space can be bought. But here’s the deal, and my promise:

We’re talking sponsorship. It’s absolutely Budweiser-logo-beside-the-soccer-clock sponsorship.

Or something else.

My promise to you: I’m not mucking the appearance of this space with a bunch of blinky Google ads that move all over hell’s creation. I don’t need the $1.87, and you don’t need the headache. You come here to read stuff, learn stuff, and discuss stuff, not take an eye test. I refuse to subject you to that nonsense.

Nobody’s figured out a way to make bucketfulls of money via these here Interwebs, and I’m not saying I have the answer.

Part of the evolution of all of this, and a part of my day job, is figuring out the revenue model. But I know the answer is not slapping 458 ads all over the place.

Nor am I game for one of those really cool “blog networks.” I don’t want the hassle of dead links and bad sites. If you have quality content I’ll link to you, and I’ll gladly do it. We’re in a link economy now, and the good stuff will see lots of links. Just ask Beach, Mull, and Dopirak.

Bottom line: if you have something you want to promote or brand or sell, drop me a line. Here are my terms: make an offer. If I like you and I like what you are after and I like your number, negotiations are over. We’ll figure out tomorrow.


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