Call them mid majors. Call them high mid major. Call them whatever you want, but we are following the Colonial Athletic Association’s men’s basketball programs here. We’ll also bring you great stories from other, uh, mid major conferences as well.

The thing is this…naming really doesn’t matter. It is a branding issue, so put whatever brand you wish on it. For me, this line is, BY FAR, the best “description” I’ve seen.

Anyway, the point is this: these athletics programs survive and thrive in the college basketball world on budgets that are a fraction of their counterparts. The coverage of these schools and athletes is miniscule. So we cheer when they do well because it represents what is right in this world. It’s why we may not want them in the Final Four, but we want them swarming the Sweet 16. It is underdogism, or underdogma. This country was built on it, and I’d argue we’ve gotten away from it.

Somebody’s got to have their backs. That’s what we do. We even have a theme song.

We talk here about the CAA and the people that most in the Mainstream Media (heretofore: MSM) cannot or will not, at least in abundance. I don’t know that it’s a mission, but it certainly matters.

I do know there are people out there who deserve credit and mention and a forum of their own. That’s what we aim to provide here, because my main belief is that there are more smart people than the world knows.

Many are smarter and better than the people you read about, too.


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  1. I love the mission of this site and fully support the ideals.

    I find it extremely difficult to have intelligent conversations with college basketball fans who went to schools in the Big Six, because with (many of) them, it’s all about end-game results and not about what they accomplish with respect to their resources (school budget, AD infrastructure, boosters, other resources).

    Looking forward to acquiring more knowledge.

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  3. Mike,

    I love your blog and read it daily (or whenever I see a new post). I am a VCU donor and season ticket holder. I know and have spent time with many in the VCU Athletic department. (I think I have actually met you once or twice). I graduated from VCU in 1991, so you can do the math and see that I am 39 years old. WHy do I give you my brief biography? So, you’ll know that I look at things through “black & gold” colored glasses.

    I don’t normally write or comment on any blogs, but I had to in this instance. I was at the VCU-NorEaster tilt on Tuesday night, and I can say it was one of the worst officiated games I have ever seen. It was horrible both ways. Now, did the poor officiating lead to VCU’s los? NO!!!! Northeastern dictated tempo and deserved to win. That said, the officials were just plain bad. Very inconsistent with horrible call sagainst both teams.

    I agree with you that most of the “incident” needs to go away. However, one item that should, and is, being looked into is the Hess-Maynor incident. Hess charged at Maynor in a confrontational manner. I don’t care what Maynor may have said or done, a college official SHOULD NEVER go at a player. EVER!!! I know officials at both the college and high school levels, and they concur that Hess was way out of line. He should be disciplined and frankly, should not be allowed to referee any more VCU games this season.

    Keep up the great work.

    Harvey Hutchinson

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