Well This Is Interesting…

First, a Q&A I did with Tom Yeager for Virginia Sports Now.

Second, over the weekend I got an email from Dustin Dopirak, JMU beatnick at Harrisonburg’s DNR. Dopirak is headed to Bloomington to cover Indiana football and basketball.

I note this because Dopirak was good at his job, and importantly knew what he was talking about when it came to CAA basketball.We wish him the best.

His replacement is a guy named Mark Selig. Get to know the name, and the jokes about his surname are beneath us.


Then, there is this bubbling up. The SEC–the conference not the money grubb…wait, I need something to actually differentiate the two…the sports-playing collegiate entity–is putting into play some very harsh restrictions on newspapers.

Among them: No use by newspapers of video and audio game highlights on their Web sites; Time-limited restrictions on use of post-game and pre-game video and audio; No blogging on newspaper Web sites of game events during games.

Now this is very interesting for a number of reasons.

Thought number one: the conference and its universities know they can do just as good a job distributing their asset as the newspapers, and their plan is to do it themselves and they are therefore limiting their competition.

Thought number two: I can’t think of any other logical reason for this, other than thought #1.

Here’s the biggest statement I’ve written in two years: you will find out tomorrow why this is particularly interesting to me, and to you.

~ by mglitos on August 24, 2009.

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