Dave Winer Friday…

We’re fairly jacked up in these parts today. It’s Friday, sunny (for now), and at the same time there’s college basketball chatter and college football is imminent. Today’s goal is to finalize the September beach trip.

Plus, our little lab experiment is nearing launch. Quick teaser–CAA:LAMM is relaunching in version 3.1416, or something like that. We’re going to FINALLY choose a direction that makes us all comfy and informed, and we’re going to use social media to get us there.

Our Frankenstein monster has its brain and its heart. Stay tuned on that front.


One of the relaunch items is going to be a teaser for the Blue Ribbon coverage. For those unaware, Blue Ribbon is considered the Bible of college basketball preview mags.

You will get 1,500 words on all 12 CAA teams, and it isn’t only my opinion. I spoke to all 12 coaches and their commentary is in there.

For instance, I spoke to Matt Brady last night, and he told me, among other things, that Dazz Thornton is back down to about 260 pounds and they plan to have him at 250 for the season.

Brady admitted neither he nor Dazz did a good job managing that last year, but both did a better job this summer, and Brady is looking very forward to Dazz’s impact once he returns from his injured shoulder.

Brady also said this of Trevon Flores:

“He’s going to have an impact as a freshman. He’s a big time shooter with three point range and an outstanding passer. He’s a guy that can play defense well beyond the foul line and keep smaller players in front of him. He’s going to be a really good college basketball player.”

That’s the kind of stuff you can expect from Blue Ribbon, and from this blog all season.

It’s also the kind of tease you can expect until the magazine comes out and you buy it to get everything. Dog’s gotta eat.

~ by mglitos on August 21, 2009.

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