Passion Play…

College basketball is a passion industry. We all know it. How else do you explain 40-year old men screaming epithets at other 40-year old men wearing striped shirts who clearly cannot see that it was a charging foul.

Or, 20-year olds taking off their shirts in order to paint the alphabet.

Anyway, that passion was stoked in me this morning. It forced me to drop my work that actually allows me to send a check to the mortgage company in order to bring you this…

Jim Larranaga tweeted that the NCAA has passed a new compliance rule that permits coaches/schools to provide bagels to players, but–and wait for it in the true NCAA punch line mode–not butter or cream cheese.

Reaction #1: A true McEnroe “You cannot be serious!”

Reaction #2: Are you serious?

Reaction #3: I want to know who at the NCAA is paid to study, recommend, and propose the bread/condiment dividing line?

Forget moving to Wilmington, getting a place on the beach, and running that athletics department. That’s the job I want.

NCAA staffer: “You know, a soft drink refill is quite extravagant. One is enough. And 12 ounces.”

Here’s what I want to ask the NCAA: Why isn’t jelly considered an improper benefit? Does the rule include toast? Are we vacating November exempt tournament wins if we lavish eggs and bacon on that bagel? What are we to do with the AAU handlers and their access to shoe company butter, you know, the good stuff with the herbs?

We just don’t have enough information, dammit. How are we to save the precious minds and ethics of our student athletes if we cannot tell them the dividing line of right and wrong nutrition?

I hope this gets fleshed out before the weekend.


Because related notes are the key to long blog posts, I bring you this bit of hypocrisy from the NCAA, courtesy of Gregg Doyel.

We love Doyel around these parts. Sure he may be way over the top at times, but Doyel is consistent in one area that we appreciate and desperately need more of: he calls it as he sees it.

~ by mglitos on August 20, 2009.

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