The Janning Plateau…

One of my goals here is to get you to think about mid major basketball and your fandom differently, smarter. I completely believe it adds to your enjoyment if you have more to offer than “we have to trap more” or “you can’t shoot.”

Smarter is always better.

Every now and again (aka: daily) even I learn something. On Friday, I was giving Bill Coen a hard time about Matt Janning. Basically I wanted to know what you tell a kid going into his senior year when the kid was the freshman of the year in the conference; then second team All CAA; then first team All CAA.

So Coen patiently took me through what we will heretofore call the Janning Plateau. What is the Janning Plateau, you ask?

Simple: you are freshman of the year and that’s great, but really it could be a function of playing time and not talent. You prove during your sophomore year that it was indeed talent, but you still have holes in your game and it took awhile for the talent to show itself.

Your junior season comes and every opposing coach puts that big fat bullseye on your jersey. You still post numbers, but it is a grueling season both physically and mentally. You are standing on the Janning Plateau.

Some guys in their senior seasons fight through it and become superstars, posting the sexy numbers but also doing the things to make their teammates better and more confident. Being a leader that allows the team to accomplish great things.

Some lay down and become merely good, or post huge numbers but their teams don’t fare well.

Recent examples of not making it through the Janning Plateau: Alex Loughton, Frank Elegar, Nick George.

Pushing through the Janning Plateau: Loren Stokes, Will Thomas.

More fun: When Janning turns around, he can see Charles Jenkins and Cam Long staring him in the eyes.

And that is what Bill Coen taught me on Friday while I was busy being a smartypants. It is therefore my duty to pass that nugget along, and I’ll throw out some additional really smart things I didn’t say in the coming weeks. (i.e., Rod Barnes).


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Related, part 2: Saw this from Rivals…seems they like ODU and Northeastern for next year’s dance. From the mouths of babes…


Not really related, but kinda: Mark your calendar. CAA Media Day is October 20 in DeeCee.

~ by mglitos on August 17, 2009.

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