Life is Better With Color…

We’re spoiled in the CAA. We have some of the most quotable coaches around. Sure, Anthony Grant was a cliche-machine in his three years and even though I love Bill Coen his comments make you wonder if he thinks his team could go .500 in a Boston YMCA league–but in the grand scheme we’ve got it good.

For instance, Tom Pecora could say that he needs Corny Vines to be more consistent. Blah, blah, blah.

No, Pecora tells me: “He obviously plays with a green light and can play with a red light, but he’s one of those kids that needs to learn how to play with a yellow light.”

(Side note: Vines makes my All CAA:LAMM first team, which is judged not by ability but by how much I like and enjoy watching them play.)

Blaine Taylor–on the complementary skills of his frontcourt of Lee, Hassell, and Carter–could’ve bored me to sleep with a version of they play well together.

Or, what Taylor did say: “You are looking at a straight flush, not three-of-a-kind.”

Larranaga is a good quote, Moss and Ross will laugh along with you, and Barnes is straightforward and incisive. Brady ducks nothing.

And to think, I haven’t yet spoken to Bruiser, the best of them all.


One final clarification on the whole Brady/Marist thing…I had it correctly pointed out to me that Marist is not taking the low road, that I was a bit harsh.

This is correct–Marist isn’t doing anything underhanded or unethical. They are doing what they believe is right for Marist, and that is fine. My main point that still holds true is that I cannot see what they are getting out of this.

Yes, they can have a $100K check and it will pay some bills, and mail from Harrisonburg (even with a paper cut opening the envelope) is a lot easier than a bus trip to Syracuse for a 25-point beating and the same check.

But in the grand scheme, I wouldn’t want to be “that school.” The thing that gets me is that this also seems to be a pound-of-flesh issue. It could not have been an easy breakup between Marist and Brady. It was sudden, and it was followed by the player movement.

It isn’t that Marist did anything untoward, but if I were looking at a place to work, I’d see this situation and wonder.

~ by mglitos on July 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Life is Better With Color…”

  1. .500 in a Boston YMCA League? Wow, Coen actually thought we’d do that well?

    Bill is a wonderful human being, a great man, but a quote machine he is not.

    Before we hired him, it seemed that his name was associated with every head coach job in the northeast, and he never got one of the jobs – although you wonder if he interviewed for many of them, but the word on the street was he wasn’t the best interview in the world.

    Who knows – Coen’s a real good coach, and you don’t win games talking with Mike Francesa on WFAN.

  2. I guess VCU is lucky Marist isn’t going after them for signing Gavin. I’m sure they could make up something to sue VCU about.

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