So Many Conflicts…

It is only July 21, and I’m already twisted into knots. Specifically, and this is just off the top of my head:

Matt Janning or Gerald Lee for preseason POY?

What to do with VCU–no Maynor, but Sanders continues to improve and somebody that knows such things (cough, cough, a coach) says Jay Gavin is the real deal.

What to do with Mason–no Monroe or JV, but the Foster kid is supposed to be better than Ryan Pearson (who is pretty darn good) and they have scads of very young talent.

We have the very same Georgia State question we had last year at this time, do we not?

Was last year a hiccup for The Tribe, or was two years ago the hiccup?

JMU–how high?

Finally, your sleeper pick is most likely Hofstra. The Pride has the same makeup as its 2005-06 team: a very solid core of five returning players, with talent coming in to support them.

So we’re clear–in no way am I comparing Jenkins, Washington, Lester, Corny Vines and Mikey Szabo to Stokes, Rivera, Uter, Agudio, and Kieza.

Oh no sir, on no planet would I do that.

But give Tom Pecora some experience, some talent, and some youthful aggression, and he’s proven he can win at least enough games to get screwed by the NCAA Selection Committee.

Oh, and did I mention not knowing the impact of Northeastern hanging around the top of the standings last year and it will do for an experienced 2009-10 team?


~ by mglitos on July 21, 2009.

One Response to “So Many Conflicts…”

  1. No love for Jenkins? Does he not get at least a mention for CAA Preseason Player of the Year? He probably finished 2nd or 3rd in the voting last year, to Maynor (or Maynor and Lee). He at least deserves to be in the conversation.

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