Cranking Things Up…

Getting into that state of mind…Blue Ribbon first edits are underway–we really do put more work into that pub than any others out there, and proud of it–and when it is late on a Monday I’ll do very odd things like read through some of my favorite blogs. I’ll sometimes find snippets that crack me up, or make me wish I could’ve written those words.

Happened again today on one of my favorite sites, the ye olde Joe Cribbs Car Wash. (Sorry Jerry, I avert my eyes at that warblogeagle stuff.)

Jerry Hinnen wrote, last March 23, an ode to every moron you see sitting at a sports bar during the NCAA tournament:

But then you get guys like the tool sitting a table in front of me at the bar last Friday, wearing no Kansas paraphernalia or showing any particular affection for Kansas over any of the other eight teams playing at the time … and nonetheless frequently turning to clap and cheer the Jayhawks and 7-foot behemoth center Cole Aldrich as they desperately held off North Dakota St. and the legitimately spectacular and yet not quite 7-foot Ben Woodside. Why? I’m assuming–because this has been the logic of similar tools over the years–because he had Kansas in his bracket.

Attention, tools: if you would rather win your pool than see North Dakota St. upset Kansas, you are not a sports fan. You are a fan of something else: a Brackets fan, a You fan maybe. But not college basketball.

Hinnen understands spirit and hates chalk. Bravo.

Actual CAA stuff, including lab results, forthcoming, including:

Mark this date, because I’m saying the 25th Anniversary of the CAA is going to be a helluva year.


~ by mglitos on July 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cranking Things Up…”

  1. Mark what date? 😉

    There’s a reason why I don’t fill out brackets, and people just don’t seem to get it. It’s SO I can root for NDSU (by the way their fans are among the best in college sports)!!!

  2. Yeah, I think you should only fill out a bracket if you care about the bracket much less than the basketball. I’ll fill out a bracket, but I still will root against my national champion pick in the first round against a team like NDSU. The bracket just gives something to talk about to those people who aren’t really college basketball fans but want to talk about brackets all March.

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