Updated Schedules…

Mason and Hofstra noncons go final…


OOC: Providence, Wright State, Boston University, Rhode Island, Cable Car Classic (2 games: Santa Clara and Wofford/Kent State), Diamond Head Classic (3 games: USC, UNLV, St. Mary’s, SMU, Western Michigan, College of Charleston and Hawai’i), Siena.

CAA Sked: Two games–Delaware, Hofstra, Drexel, Mason, Ga State, VCU, UNCW. Single games–JMU, ODU, Towson, William & Mary.


OOC: Bethune Cookman, Oklahoma, Nevada, Rhode Island, Richmond, Western Michigan, Tulane, East Carolina.

CAA Sked: Two games–ODU, JMU, William & Mary, UNCW, Ga State, Northeastern, Drexel. Single games–Towson, Delaware, Mason, Hofstra.

Old Dominion

OOC: Charlotte, Duquesne, Marshall, Liberty, Richmond.

CAA Sked: Two games–VCU, JMU, William & Mary, Mason, Ga State, Delaware, Towson. Single games–Hofstra, Drexel, UNCW, Northeastern.


OOC: Philly Classic (Temple, Siena, and Va Tech), Ohio, Bucknell, Hampton, Lafayette, Villanova, Delaware State, Penn, Vermont.

CAA Sked: Two games–Drexel, Towson, Hofstra, Northeastern, Mason, W&M, ODU. Single games–UNCW, Ga State, VCU, JMU.

William & Mary

OOC: UConn, Harvard, Norfolk State, Navy, Radford, Manhattan, Ohio

CAA Sked: Two games–ODU, VCU, JMU, Drexel, UNCW, Hofstra, Delaware. Single games–Northeastern, Towson, Mason, Ga State.


OOC: Kansas, NIT Season Tipoff (Four games, in Connecticut, TBD), Fairfield, Manhattan, New Hampshire, Florida Atlantic, Holiday Festival (2 games: St. John’s, then either Davidson or Cornell)

CAA Sked: Two games–Northeastern, Drexel, Delaware, Towson, UNCW, W&M, Mason. Single games–JMU, ODU, VCU, Ga State.


OOC: St. Joseph’s, Penn, Cal State Northridge.

CAA Sked: Two games–Northeastern, Delaware, Hofstra, W&M, Towson, VCU, JMU. Single games-Mason, Ga State, UNCW, ODU.


OOC: xxxxxxxxx

CAA Sked: Two games–Delaware, Drexel, Hofstra, JMU, Ga State, ODU, UNCW. Single games-Mason, Northeastern, VCU, W&M.

George Mason

OOC: Puerto Rico (Three games: Boston University, Dayton, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Kansas State, Ole Miss and Villanova), Creighton, George Washington, VMI, Liberty, Dartmouth, Tulane, Radford, Dayton.

CAA Sked: Two games–JMU, ODU, Northeastern, Delaware, UNCW, Hofstra, Ga State. Single games-VCU, Drexel, Towson, W&M.

James Madison

OOC: xxxxxxxxx

CAA Sked: Two games–Mason, W&M, Towson, VCU, ODU, Drexel, Ga State. Single games-Delaware, Hofstra, Northeastern, UNCW.


OOC: Wake Forest, Richmond, Appalachian State, Elon, George Washington, Campbell, VMI, Charleston Classic (Three games against: LaSalle, Miami, Penn State, South Carolina, South Florida, Tulane, Davidson.)

CAA Sked: Two games–VCU, Mason, W&M, Ga State, Hofstra, Northeastern, Towson. Single games-JMU, ODU, Delaware, Drexel.

Georgia State

OOC: Kansas

CAA Sked: Two games–UNCW, ODU, VCU, Towson, Northeastern, Mason, JMU. Single games-William & Mary, Drexel, Delaware, Hofstra.


~ by mglitos on June 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Updated Schedules…”

  1. George Mason also gets Dayton at home OOC.

  2. Thanks jay…corrected my corection. I actually had Dayton in there and then thought I saw it twice so I deleted.

    Done, with three Drexel adds, too.

  3. No problem, I thought I saw it there before. Thanks for the updates.

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