2009-10 Schedules, Again…

UPDATE: Hofstra’s Holiday Festival opponents (thanks WRHU) and VMI added to Mason (thanks Jeff Goodman).

This is a great big copy/paste deal from the other day, with one add: Northeastern will be playing Siena. Thanks, NUHF.

This is the 2009-10 Official Schedule Page. Your job is to help me when you know something is finalized. Email, comment, correct me, etc. on what you know. We will do this together, and it will give us all a running tally of the upcoming schedule.

You see, I had lunch with a CAA pooh-bah on Friday, and I ran into a good friend over the weekend at the Broad Appetit Festival–some of you wouldn’t recognize downtown Richmond–and the combination got me ridiculously fired up for the season. In early June.

Anyway, without further boring detail, here we go. One note: Everybody also has a BracketBusters matchup in February.


OOC: Providence, Wright State, Boston University, Rhode Island, Cable Car Classic (2 games: Santa Clara and Wofford/Kent State), Diamond Head Classic (3 games: USC, UNLV, St. Mary’s, SMU, Western Michigan, College of Charleston and Hawai’i), Siena.

CAA Sked: Two games–Delaware, Hofstra, Drexel, Mason, Ga State, VCU, UNCW. Single games–JMU, ODU, Towson, William & Mary.


OOC: Bethune Cookman, Oklahoma, Nevada, Rhode Island, Richmond, Western Michigan, Tulane, East Carolina.

CAA Sked: Two games–ODU, JMU, William & Mary, UNCW, Ga State, Northeastern, Drexel. Single games–Towson, Delaware, Mason, Hofstra.

Old Dominion

OOC: Charlotte, Duquesne, Marshall, Liberty, Richmond.

CAA Sked: Two games–VCU, JMU, William & Mary, Mason, Ga State, Delaware, Towson. Single games–Hofstra, Drexel, UNCW, Northeastern.


OOC: Philly Classic (Temple, Siena, and Va Tech), Ohio, Bucknell, Hampton, Lafayette, Villanova, Delaware State, Penn, Vermont.

CAA Sked: Two games–Drexel, Towson, Hofstra, Northeastern, Mason, W&M, ODU. Single games–UNCW, Ga State, VCU, JMU.

William & Mary

OOC: UConn, Harvard, Norfolk State, Navy, Radford, Manhattan, Ohio

CAA Sked: Two games–ODU, VCU, JMU, Drexel, UNCW, Hofstra, Delaware. Single games–Northeastern, Towson, Mason, Ga State.


OOC: Kansas, NIT Season Tipoff (TBD), Fairfield, Manhattan, New Hampshire, Florida Atlantic, Holiday Festival (2 games: St. John’s, Davidson, Cornell)

CAA Sked: Two games–Northeastern, Drexel, Delaware, Towson, UNCW, W&M, Mason. Single games–JMU, ODU, VCU, Ga State.


OOC: xxxxxxxxx

CAA Sked: Two games–Northeastern, Delaware, Hofstra, W&M, Towson, VCU, JMU. Single games-Mason, Ga State, UNCW, ODU.


OOC: xxxxxxxxx

CAA Sked: Two games–Delaware, Drexel, Hofstra, JMU, Ga State, ODU, UNCW. Single games-Mason, Northeastern, VCU, W&M.

George Mason

OOC: Puerto Rico (Three games: Boston University, Dayton, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Kansas State, Ole Miss and Villanova), Dayton, Creighton, George Washington, VMI.

CAA Sked: Two games–JMU, ODU, Northeastern, Delaware, UNCW, Hofstra, Ga State. Single games-VCU, Drexel, Towson, W&M.

James Madison

OOC: xxxxxxxxx

CAA Sked: Two games–Mason, W&M, Towson, VCU, ODU, Drexel, Ga State. Single games-Delaware, Hofstra, Northeastern, UNCW.


OOC: Wake Forest, Richmond, Appalachian State, Elon, George Washington, Charleston Classic (Three games against: LaSalle, Miami, Penn State, South Carolina, South Florida, Tulane, Davidson.)

CAA Sked: Two games–VCU, Mason, W&M, Ga State, Hofstra, Northeastern, Towson. Single games-JMU, ODU, Delaware, Drexel.

Georgia State

OOC: Kansas

CAA Sked: Two games–UNCW, ODU, VCU, Towson, Northeastern, Mason, JMU. Single games-William & Mary, Drexel, Delaware, Hofstra.


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One Response to “2009-10 Schedules, Again…”

  1. C’mon get it right Mike. Northeastern will be playing Siena on ESPN as part of ESPN’s 24 hours of Basketball.

    Lunchtime with the Huskies.

    Tip off is 12 Noon at the Times Union Center in Albany.

    As part of the deal, Siena will play at NU in 10-11.

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