A Friday Funny…

And they wonder why people have moved past disdain and into hysteria when the NCAA hands down a ruling…

So let me get this straight:

  1. The SEC just gave each member school $11.1 million from its NCAA money, and Alabama complains of the severity of a $43,900 fine. That’s less than half of the right hand side of the decimal, folks.
  2. Despite the infractions ocurring while the school was still on probation for a 2002 finding, Alabama does not lose any scholarships nor postseason eligibility.
  3. They are, however, subjected to the incredibly harsh penalty of vacating wins from past seasons. Oh the humanity!
  4. And to throw salt into that wound, the schools on the losing side don’t get to claim those losses as wins. That’s got to drive Ken Pomeroy crazy. Alabama lost, but nobody won. How exactly do we reflect that in the record book?

And I want to be clear here that–other than the laugh at a bank-breaking $44K fine–I’m in no way taking a shot at Alabama. Its athletes were charged with “impermissable benefits” when it was regular students who got the benefit.

In the end, this isn’t that big of a deal, especially when you consider everything else on which the NCAA should be spending its time.

This just struck me as funny. Very funny, in the pathetic sense.

We will now resume CAA discussion.


~ by mglitos on June 12, 2009.

One Response to “A Friday Funny…”

  1. And Northeastern got put on probation because some guy who had ZERO association with the program paid for a kid to stay in Boston on campus and the head coach at the time blatantly lied to the NCAA that he had “no knowledge” what was going on.

    NU loses a scholarship and visits for that.

    Memphis will have dome something similar (improper benefits to a family member of a scholarship athlete) and will likely get off with a pat on the back and a ‘don’t do it again’.

    Give me a break.

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