You’ve Inspired My Stupidly Brilliant Side…

I never know which ideas you will grab onto and run with. This whole CAA Season Opening Extravaganza was a smidgen of fun that became exactly what the summer should be about: let’s hash out some fun stuff.

So I went the next step, and I again invite you to work with this.

Here’s where we are, and I’ll lay it out as simply as possible:

  • Wednesday 12/29 of 2010 through Monday, 1/3 of 2011.
  • Six days, four games. Two designated home games, two designated road games for every team.
  • You play Wednesday, Thursday. Take 12/31 and 1/1 off to rest and enjoy a CAA New year’s Eve Party. Perhaps there’s some kind of awards thing, or roast, or whatever. Make it fun and relaxing.
  • You play Sunday and Monday to round out the four games.
  • We play in Philly, mostly because I love Philly. I do.
  • Here’s where it gets good for coaches and administrators, the real power brokers in the league. With those four games out of the way, coaches get that early December date back for nonconference flexibility. Here’s why…
  • Beginning Sat, 1/8 you get seven Saturday dates (Jan 8, 15, 22, 29, Feb 5, 12, 26). We give Feb 19 to Bracketbusters.
  • Beginning Wed, 1/12 you get seven Wednesday dates (Jan 12, 19, 26, Feb 2, 9, 16, 23).
  • Seven Saturdays plus seven Wednesdays plus four games in the Kickoff Event gets us to our 18 games without the pesky Monday games that get into the swirl of SAT-MON-WED-SAT.
  • Lots of flexibility in there for games to be moved for teevee. And we’re still finished on time to allow rest for the CAA tournament on 3/4.

Throw in all the bonuses we spoke of the other day–media attention, new games on teevee, etc. and we may be onto somthing.

Issue #1: you need to buy tickets, and help sell some sponsorships.

What say you?


~ by mglitos on June 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “You’ve Inspired My Stupidly Brilliant Side…”

  1. We’re doing this to free up one Saturday in December?

    Ironically, I can see NU going for this. We actually start school real early in January, and that first week of 4 conference games occurs during our first week of classes.

    I don’t love it, I don’t hate it. I’d certianly go for at least 2 of the days.

    I can’t see anyone sponsoring it, and I can’t see people going to the games.

    ESPN won’t televise it as it has its bowl games and there are a few exempt tournaments (Hawai’i for one, and I think there are a couple of others) that they televise as well.

    Who in Philly is going to want to see NU play JMU at 2 pm on a Wednesday during holiday break?

    I guess if you gave tickets to every Boys and Girls Club and biddy basketball team on the Main Line, it might just work.

    Would you play the games at the Palestra?

    Heck for NU-JMU you could conceivably play it in a practice gym for the Sixers and still have seats left over!!!

  2. Nope–we’re doing it to zip up the inherent problems (re: whining) of the four-games-in-seven-days issue with the current layout. Getting that December date back is a bonus, as is keeping Bracketbusters.

    Heck, we could shorten it to three games and play on Dec 4. Play it in The Palestra or on Mars. The point is doing something different that will gain some attention.

    As for who in Philly wants to see JMU/NU…I go back to the difference in that game and NU/Towson on a Wed nite in Feb. It isn’t about ticket sales.

  3. I like the original idea, but I think each team playing four times is too much. For one, trying to play six games in one day might be even more than we basketball junkies can handle. Secondly, it would be very expensive for any fans trying to see all four games. I think if you spread the two games over a three day period to make a long weekend (either the Jan. 1-3 or 2-4), then you can make it a more reasonable destination for the hardcore basketball fan without requiring more time commitment than even the CAA Tournament.

    If each team plays these two games over three days, then you have the perfect number of games per day (4). Sure, some teams would have to face a fresher team, but I think this is some of the random unfairness that shouldn’t be too big of a problem. The extra game you get in over this weekend could then replace the Monday games later in January.

  4. WM, NUHF and all: we’ll deal with specifics and logistics later. But I’m loving the concept.

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