The Latest Stupidly Brilliant Idea…

You always hear the coaches complain about it. Oh, they have a legit complaint, but it happens around January 15 of every season. Team A has just had its SAT-MON-WED-SAT week–one game perhaps moved for teevee–and the coach says the scheduling is ridiculously difficult.

Playing 18 games over what is essentially eight weeks is tough.

First, they are correct. The conference is already playing one game in December, and they lose a Saturday in February for Bracketbusters. Throw in that the CAA tourney has to be the first week in March for teevee’s sake, and it is tight. The conference is doing well to spread things out as is.

But I’ve got the killer solution.

Oh, it is clearly one of those solutions you’d see play out in a bad, early-teen sitcom. Think Zach talking to Screech on Saved by the Bell. They’ve botched getting a band for the big seventh grade dance and are in a pickle. (This is, of course, Screech’s fault.)

Zach hits on the idea to dress up a bunch of dummies, rent a fog machine, and play a stereo through the PA. Screech’s response: “that’s so crazy it just might work!”

Yeah, that’s the kind of idea I’m tossing out: The CAA Season Opening Celebration.

Think the Daytona 500 meets a college basketball exempt tournament. Four days, three games, and you get out of town. Put it in Philly or Baltimore–you know, test cases for those complaining about northern schools having to travel to Richmond in March.

Make it the first of January–kids are out of school (players and fans’ children). Heck, back it up to Dec. 30 through Jan. 2 and throw a New Year’s Eve bash. Buy a ticket book to the games, you’re in the party. Works for college football bowls.

Coaches get three games out of the way quickly, teevee is bound to pick up the content, the press would be all over the concept, no more complaining about home games when students aren’t in session, players will love it.

Each team plays either one designated home game and two roadies, or vice versa. Compensate the teams giving up a home game with a piece of gate and sponsorship money.

The conference is making a national statement. The CAApalooza Season Kickoff starts the Road to Richmond. we have enough trouble getting some presser time come late season BCSness. So let’s beat them at their game.

One day I may thread all these random thoughts together, but I like what it could become.

I guess it comes down to this. When people had the problem of getting places quicker, they didn’t invent faster horses. They invented the car.

The quirky solution isn’t always wrong.


~ by mglitos on June 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Latest Stupidly Brilliant Idea…”

  1. Ok, how do you determine who plays whom? That’s the hard part.

    If I’m NU, I want W&M on a neutral court (we can’t win in the Burg), I want Mason on a neutral court (we’ve never won in the CAA at the Pat Center) and I want JMU when we have to go down there (save the travel).

    I think anyone south of DC would want NU on a neutral court, save a trip to Boston in the winter.

    There’s no real fair way to do it, unfortunately.

  2. It’s like you’re a CPA, NUHF. Dream a little, my friend. Of course there’s no fair way to do it, which implies nobody gets a true advantage and thus is fair. Right?

    You can shoot holes in this as much as you can shoot holes in any schedule-making endeavor. If you’re going to have people complaining about the schedule–as they do right now–may as well do something else a little groundbreaking, no?

    Maybe you get W&M on a neutral court, maybe you don’t. Perhaps you also get ODU on a neutral court instead of in The Ted. Or, NU gets $40K from the league instead of a Wednesday home game against Towson.

  3. I think it could work in a few ways.

    1) With the current 18 game conference schedule play Tema A would play 2 (or 4, but that would be too many games I think) of the teams with which they are not scheduled to play a home and home that year. Make scheduling partners rotate every 4 years (instead of the current 2 years) and it could work. A 3 or 4 day event with a total 12 games would be a blast.

    2) Cut the league schedule back to 17 games, leaving Team A five teams with which they will not play a home and home. Team A could play 3 of these non-home-and-home teams at the neutral. A total of 18 games over 3-4 days would be even more fun, but I think the required 5-year rotation of scheduling would be a slight drawback.

    3) Go to a 19 game schedule, leaving Team A with 3 non-home-and-home opponents. Team A would play all three of these teams over a 3 or 4 day event. Under this scenario schedules could rotate every year (which I like), and the event would be awesome as a rotating event to promote the CAA brand in places like Baltimore, Philly, New York, and even Boston and Atlanta.

  4. It’s fair to no one, so it’s fair to everyone? Didn’t David Carradine say that to Grasshopper on Kung Fu? 😉

    Hey if we can get a guarantee game from the CAA to play Towson on Mars in January, we’d probably take it!

    Monarch has some good points about playing the “single games” at LitosFest 2011. One of these games is typically played in the December slot, and are likely to draw fewer fans. Play 2 of the singles at this festival and it might work.

    I don’t think NU would ever host – getting our Arena for a full weekend is impossible with Men’s hockey, Women’s Hockey and our local hockey tenants.

  5. Did you have to mention Carradine?

  6. I’d have made the same comment had he not died this past week. People who work with me know I often quote the TV Series Kung Fu, and I called one of my interns (Who was about 89 pounds soaking wet as a sophomore at NU) “Grasshopper”.

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