Why I Love The Offseason…

There’s always banter.

Dick Weiss is among those ’round the sphere who carries both a pile of credibility and a take on the Hofstra/CAA issue.

Here’s where I land, a little more clear: yes, there is a conference that makes more sense for Hofstra than the CAA. No doubt about it. However in 2009 that conference doesn’t exist. It isn’t the A10; it isn’t the MAAC; it isn’t the West Coast.

The Pride’s best home, until perhaps 2013 when the Big East implodes under the guise of “new teevee contract,” is the CAA. After that, collegiate sports will be playing its own version of 52-Card Pickup. That is when Hofstra will find a better home.

The one thing the Pride cannot do is chase.


Here’s an interview with new VCU coach Shaka Smart. It runs 11 minutes and gives you a look into the head man. Side note: those VCU Ram Nation guys are doing a phenomenal job…it is the barometer of what a great fan site should be.


I’m not really sure what to do with this. My first thought–let’s see the NCAA react. If there isn’t a hefty penalty, and I don’t know if it is cash or whatever, then they no longer get to credibly talk about inequity in college athletics.

By not taking a strong stand against a lesser-monied team purposely forfeiting a conference game so they can cash a check, the NCAA is admitting that inequity exists and they are okay with it. In fact, by allowing it they NCAA is also admitting they are siding with the money program, showing a bias that a governing body is supposed to avoid.

Not surprising, mind you, but somewhat shocking.

Think about it: by allowing a mindful forfeit, you are allowing competitive balance to be impacted. Not from Michigan because they will probably win this game 58-3, but from the structure of the 1AA playoffs and the entire MEAC race.

Spare me the “but the money will help Delaware State be competitive” argument. Penalize Michigan $250K for inducing the forfeit. I’m thinking delaware State will be fine playing its conference game and pocketing half the money.

(Unwritten part of the equation: in football, there are realities of injury that must creep into the discussion…imagine underwriting a horrible injury to a smaller, less talented 1AA player.)

Let me put this on a CAA basketball level.

Delaware State is a top half of the conference team, making the 1AA playoffs a couple seasons back. North Carolina A&T is a bottom feeder.

Imagine Old Dominion forfeiting a game against Towson or William & Mary to cash a check against Kansas?


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One Response to “Why I Love The Offseason…”

  1. One small wrinkle in this whole Hofstra thing. At some point in the near future, St. John’s is going to realize that Chris Monasch is an incompetent Athletic Director, get rid of him, and will tell him to take Norm Roberts with him.

    Then St. John’s is going to hire a REAL Athletic Director, and spend money on a REAL basketball coach.

    Boom, St. John’s now has the NY College Hoops market back.

    Yes, Hofstra is in a difficult spot, but you know what, so are some of other the teams in the CAA.

    NU has College Hockey (where the last 2 National Champions are from Boston) and Boston College Hoops, plus pro sports.

    Drexel has The Big Five, plus pro sports.

    GMU (and Towson to some degree) has MD, Gtown, GWU, plus pro sports.

    GSU has UGA, Tech, plus pro sports.

    That’s four teams who are in similar situations as Hofstra.

    Let’s layer on W&M with their academics.

    Six of the 12 schools have some form of “obstacle” in their way of being the center of attention where they are.

    While we’d all like to be #1 in our market, it’s time for many of the CAA schools to realize, “you are who you are.”

    Is there a perfect conference for NU, and Hofstra, and GSU, and W&M, and Drexel, who knows.

    All of this is just coming to a head because of a recession. I think schools are making long term decisions because of short term problems.

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