Your Weekend Funny…

I’m not sure where to start laughing. It’s like attending a redneck family reunion or trying to remember a Letterman Top 10 list the next day. You need to take notes to properly recall everything comical.

Enjoy your weekend!


~ by mglitos on May 15, 2009.

One Response to “Your Weekend Funny…”

  1. USA Today completely misrepresented what this group is going to to. If anyone’s read the NCAA Rules and Regs, it’s like reading Greek. What this group will do is to present the rules, then give some practical examples/advice and some FAQ’s.

    As it is now, there are no FAQ’s in the NCAA Regs themselves, and coaches are afraid to ask for fear that they’ll be called on the carpet.

    One of the comments John Belien said was something like this.. “One of the rules is we can’t say more than hello to a recruit’s parents in a down recruiting period, so what if someone bumps into them at a game or a tournament and we can only say hello, we want to give coaches guidance on how to follow the rules and not lose sight of the fact that they’re human beings.”

    When it’s done it will actually make for excellent reading.

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