Hoops Friend Rob Says…

(via tweet) that he still harbors ill feelings towards the Richmond Spiders for leaving–and the manner in which they left–the CAA waybackwhen.

Short history: Richmond essentially defected to the A10 ’round about the turn of the century in a manner that basically left Tom Yeager and crew holding the bag. There were broken promises, etc. It wasn’t pretty.

In the aftermath, the CAA ended up getting its A-East Quadrant of Hofstra, Towson, Delaware, and Drexel. Richmond got Jerry Wainwright, kids that shouldn’t have been at that school, and a mess that has taken years to clean up.

That’s karma at its finest, folks, and the last stroke needs to be this: Richmond comes back to the CAA, the place everybody knows it should be.

My point is this: other than Richmond AD Jim Miller, whose personality is somewhere between Brad Brownell and tofu, there’s no reason to continue the venom. Everything about Richmond is ideal for the CAA (and vice versa).

Chris Mooney has done an outstanding job getting things back on track. He was handed the worst possible mess this side of Tom Crean, and though it has taken longer than impatient Richmond fans have wished, the program is on solid footing again.

The thing they are missing–energy–can be provided by the natural rivalries of the CAA. For the same reasons Hofstra is better off in the CAA, the reverse holds true for Richmond. They get what they need in the CAA, except for the rare season that 24-7 would be helpful.

For those W&M and VCU and JMU people who remain angry at Richmond for bolting nearly 10 years ago, I say this: wouldn’t it be better to get to hate them twice a year in hoops?

Spite from a distance isn’t getting you anywhere. Time to let it go. Embrace what is right and helpful.

I have no idea how that would impact expansion/contraction/realignment/global warming. There are as many ideas out there as grains of sand. But Richmond in the CAA just has that right feel on every level, except perhaps ego.


~ by mglitos on May 13, 2009.

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