All The Things You Are…

Coaches should be off the road by now. The whole disgusting dance that makes up recruiting goes into an NCAA-mandated quiet period. (Laugh with me on that one.)

The coaches get to work on their golf games in May and re-introduce themselves to their families. They will hold individual meetings with their players and outline summer work plans for skill development. But really, they get to exhale for the first time since October 15.

We’re not going to rest. In fact, we should be able to zip through the summer months in what I plan to be one big fat experiment. We’re going to try some things to see if they work in an effort to make next season better.

Call it our own personal skill development meeting.

First item: we’re going to build the perfect schedule. I’m going to enlist some A-listers to help craft the ideal mid major basketball schedule. We’ll debate and chew on every aspect in public, for you to see. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a coach on record.

Please understand: this is going to be a smart schedule, not one chock full of home games with Duke and Kentucky, roadies at Hawaii (twice) and University of My House, and the season opener against the Massachusetts Culinary Institute.

Nope–it is going to be the best schedule you can muster for what you believe a team needs. Translation: teams expected to struggle get wins; and teams expected to contend for an at large get a balance.


Good to see Jerry Beach back at it.

I get to read a lot of funny stuff throughout the course of my Sybil-esque life, but nothing in the past three months made me laugh as much as his line in today’s entry.

Lacrosse, a sport that allows rich northeast kids to beat each other senseless with sticks, is played at a pretty high level at Hofstra. The Pride were apparently upset in the semifinals of the CAA tournament but still received an at large bid to the NCAA Tournament.

Beach’s first thought? “What, was Tom O’Connor busy this weekend?”

At least he’s past the venom.


BTW–that’s Arturo Sandoval, if you were wondering.


LATER EDIT: An email popped in from my friends in the Summit League (or Badlands Conference as Whelliston aptly calls it).

It appears Reggie Hamilton is transferring from UMKC to Oakland. That is an in-conference move. Here’s the thing: Hamilton was named all newcomer two seasons ago–the only freshman to make the squad–and is a double-figure scorer. Very interesting to say the least.

In our world? Imagine Cam Long or Chase Allen or Fonzie Dawson transferring to ODU or VCU.


~ by mglitos on May 4, 2009.

One Response to “All The Things You Are…”

  1. I think Northeastern played Mass Culinary when Everhart was our coach. Then again, the crocksucker got us put on probation, so I really shouldn’t be surprised.

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