Welcome Back…

Four years ago, there was a vision for this space. Somewhere along the line, that vision became blurred. At this point the reasons don’t matter. I’m a today-and-tomorrow guy and I don’t have the time nor desire to figure it out anyway.

We’re going to build the perfect CAA schedule and have all kinds of discussion, as it is high time to get back at it.

One month ago, I wrote these words as a catharsis, not as the perfect introduction to what we’re (ahem, again) going to accomplish:

We need to be celebrating what we have, not railing against that in which we don’t have. It’s what we do here and what we should do here. It’s what we did way-back-when.

Issues arise when there is an imbalance to your dosha; you intellectually mask the imbalance as “growth” or “necessary change.” Our dosha is discussing that which makes mid major basketball great and joyous.

In Anthony Grant speak, you play to your identity. In dad-to-daughter speak: be yourself. In Jeff Jarvis speak: do what you do best, and link to the rest.

So we’re taking a mulligan, a Bobby Ewing dream sequence, a flux capacitor-induced trek to when we were very good in this space, and we will strive to redo the future.

That means a return of CAA: LAMM and a return to celebrating mid major basketball, not using it as a platform. It isn’t about the man keeping us down. It’s about success in the face of reality. It’s underdogism (or underdogma) but without the crutch, because the crutch is anti-underdog.

That was the whole point, really, in the entire book. A light needed to be shined on the plight and struggle of mid major programs; to give them their rightful due so they could celebrate success, too. Nobody ever told that story in detail.

In many ways, the George Mason Final Four run loused up my book. At some point between Tony Skinn punching Loren Stokes and Roy Williams punching that chair we got off path. Oh, it was a wonderful path and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve made friends I hope to never lose and will have many fond memories of those three weeks.

But it’s high time I wrote that book, the one I really wanted to write in the first place.


~ by mglitos on April 15, 2009.

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