Running to Stand Still…

If you were ever unclear about the world in which we overlive our passion, the college basketball world, things should be crystal clear now.

You know the numbers and you watched the show. We’re not getting into all that, because it is about so much more than numbers, even though it is precisely about numbers.

But for those who care, Gary Parrish over at CBS Sports has the best I’ve read. His money graf:

What you need to know is that no BCS-affiliated school with a top 50 RPI was omitted this season, but six non-BCS-affiliated schools with top 50 RPIs were — specifically San Diego State (34), Creighton (40), UAB (46), Illinois State (47), Saint Mary’s (48) and Niagara (49). What that means is that for the fifth consecutive season, the three best RPIs omitted from the field belonged to non-BCS affiliated schools, which means a good RPI can save you if you’re from a power conference, but it won’t do much to help you if you’re not.

The aspect that cracks me up the most is this: at the same time we’re supposedly getting unprecedented transparency into the workings of the Selection Committee–you know, the whole mock selection process that is more mockery than mock–we’re offered undeniable proof that these projects are red herrings and nothing else.

You go pay attention to Bracketbusters and this Mock Process, and meanwhile we’ll NOT discuss the inequities of the evaluation. What you don’t see many times provides a clarity of vision that cannot be duplicated.

Three weeks ago I called for the end of Bracketbusters because it was a sham. Explain to me how it was helpful to Creighton? St. Mary’s? Butler and its seed?

If you are ever fooled again, shame on you.


You want funny? I think I may pick Arizona into the Sweet 16.


Much more coming tomorrow. To be honest, I couldn’t bear to watch a bit of analysis last night. I knew what I needed to know, and I didn’t need anyone to shape my opinion.

My opinion is still clarifying itself in the meat grinder that is my mind. But there is much there.


~ by mglitos on March 16, 2009.

One Response to “Running to Stand Still…”

  1. Agreed. Parrish was spot on.

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