You Are Crazy !!!

Though I stopped my life for the CAA Tournament, life did not stop for me. It’s been a sunup to sundown (and then some) week. This quick back-up-on-the-bike note, and we’ll likely hit you on Monday with all of the postseason news and notes needed.

Congratulations to Anthony Grant and the VCU Rams for a fairly harsh whipping of Mason in the CAA finals. Grant is now 7-1 in the CAA tourney in his three seasons.

Signs point to a #11 or #12 seed, a customary slot for the CAA champs.

Here’s the salvo to returning to the “he’s nuts” posts you can find spread throughout this here blog: Don’t be shocked to find George Mason’s name called on Sunday evening as an at large entry.

Now, let me be clear with two things:

1. I do not think, on any planet, that Mason will get an at large bid. It isn’t going to happen. My point–and see number 2 below–is that I will be the least surprised person in the country if they do indeed get the bid.

2. Geroge Mason’s RPI is 46, a sneaky-good number. On eyeballs alone, I count 12 teams behind them that are still being discussed as bubble teams. Mason is not being discussed.

I’ll leave direct comparisons to you, but I’ve had many beers with many people since 2006. I was very close to Air Force, Utah State, and then Stanford in 2007. My point here: stranger (and worse) things have been done by the Selection Committee than putting an RPI 46 mid major in its tournament.


~ by mglitos on March 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “You Are Crazy !!!”

  1. Their RPI WAS 46, it’s now 53, according to

  2. Creighton deserved a bid in my opinion, before us. But, thanks for keeping Mason in the discussion. I just wonder when the CAA will get two-bid respect again…

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