And We Crossover…

The 2009 CAA tournament is imminent. Everything I have to say will occur here.

For those a little challenged we’re temporarily moving to:

Copy it, paste it, bookmark it, love it.

Our coverage begins with, of course, the matchups and a link to a WRHU preview show tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll be at shootarounds getting as much as we can prior to the coaches tossing us out. Perhaps an interview or two. I’ll also preview the games.

Stay tuned, but stay tuned over there.

And so it begins…


~ by mglitos on March 4, 2009.

One Response to “And We Crossover…”

  1. Kudos to the Rams. Despite the hearbreaking (because of our ineptitude) loss by my Patriots, VCU is clearly the league’s most balanced and dominant team, and has two studs in Maynor and Sanders. They may have another upset in them in this year’s Big Dance.

    As for Mason, no worries. Based on the returning talent and next year’s incoming class, the future is very bright in Fairfax (as referenced on my blog, and today in the POST by Feinstein). Larranaga has built one helluva program in Fairfax, and we’ll be back (hopefully with the ability to hit more shots from the field and line).

    Feinstein referenced a Mason vs. G-town NIT game…I would love to see that happen in the Patriot Center, too.

    Good luck to the Rams. Make us CAA fans proud.

    Mr. Litos…fine job covering the tourney in Richmond for all of us, too.

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