Hiatus High Times…Your Tournament Primer…

We’re going a long way today, because this is the final post here until The Crossover, which will get us over to that other site for full CAA tournament coverage. That is, unless something utterly useless strikes my brain later today. In that case, this is the second-to-last post here.

Anyway, I owe you some tournament stuff–defined as predictions and whatnot–so here we go:

Team Most Likely to Win Friday, Unexpected: The College. Tony Shaver quietly has his team on an upswing, and they are also difficult style to play in a tournament setting. You have to be patient, and with what is on the line, kids get impatient. Plus, the JMU tank is nearly empty.

Somewhat related side note: They are after a mascot down in Williamsburg, and my contribution is the Seminoles. How funny would that be, in the spirit of spitting in the eye of the NCAA?

Barney Fife Team, #8 or Lower Division: Delaware has the best opportunity to fire one shot and take down VCU on Saturday. The Hens are skilled, and if they are shooting well they can beat anyone. Remember, Delaware beat VCU in Newark and led for about 32 minutes in Richmond.

You Ruin Everything!: Hofstra. I believe the Pride will roll past The Dub on Friday, and the matchup with ODU is going to be an epic brawl. The Pride matches up very well with ODU from a size and athleticism standpoint–probably better than anyone in the conference. Plus, Hofstra has the best end-game player not named Maynor in the conference.

ODU is playing better than anybody, and its fans are rightly stoked, but Hofstra has the best chance to throw melted snow on the Narchs. It would also deny the CAA the atmosphere of a potential VCU/ODU semifinal–off the hook fun.

The Marriott Bartenders Just Got Rich: I’m thinking by Friday at 9:45, the bars in downtown Richmond will be flooded with CAA fans. Drexel will probably lambaste Towson, and many will head out at halftime to chat about the day.

Be Very Careful With Karma: Blaine Taylor said two weeks ago that he wasn’t sure if he really wanted the #4 seed. Even though you get a bye, your draw isn’t exactly (ice cream and) cake. Welcome, Blaine.

Hands Across America: Devon Moore and Ryan Pearson are two key players with hand injuries. I also noticed a bunch of taped thumbs this weekend. And there’s Gerald Lee’s hand, which he will use to pull up the sock on his injured foot.

Key Over/Unders: VCU fans (3,000); Jenkins FG percentage (40); Drexel FG percentage (45); George Mason “that guy” (2.5); Dre Smith threes (12); Matt Janning PPG (18.0); Manny Adako PPG (12.0); ODU games played (2); Any team points scored, any game (61); lower seeds winning Saturday (1.5); victories by seeds 5, 6, 7 (5).

Cheer, At least for One Second, Regardless of Your Affiliation: Juwann James, Eric Maynor, the National Anthem, The Legends announced at halftime, Bill Coen, Lennie Mendez, Jonathan Adams, Tim Crossin, Bruiser, Baptiste Bataille, Doc Nix.



Delaware beats Georgia State pretty easily. The Hens are rallying, and the Panthers team  I saw Saturday is ready for the season to end.

Hofstra rolls past UNCW. That whole difficulty of beating a team three times in the same season is one of media’s biggest crockeries to gain momentum I’ve ever read.

The Tribe upsets JMU. This is a two-teams-going-different-directions matchup for me. So we’re clear, what MNFC and JYD have accomplished this year is very laudable and should make folks at JMU very happy. But the ride ends here, and Shaver gets to smile.

Drexel dismantles Towson. Nuf ced.


VCU slips by Delaware in a game that closely resembles the teams’ matchup in Richmond two weeks ago. The Hens lead for awhile, the crowd gets behind Monte, but Maynor takes over late.

ODU and Hofstra play the game everybody talks about for days–controversy, overtime, big plays, bad plays, a technical foul, bad officiating, sweating, huddles by coroporate types, etc. Have I set the stage for enough drama yet? This is a coin flip game but I’ve got to go with ODU only because I’m on the hook to call it. This is the tournament game version of Brady vs. Bruiser for COY.

George Mason puts down The Seminoles in a way that makes people in the stands talk about the great UNCW teams from five to eight years ago. It is a precise dismantling.

Nor’easter one-points Drexel 49-48 in what is surely a record-breaking game. It would mean the Dragons lost its final FOUR conference games by one point. (OK, the Towson game notwithstanding, but you get my point.)


VCU gets by ODU in yet another classic played by the two teams.

Mason and Nor’easter will end one of two ways: Mason wins comfortably, because I believe the Patriots are the most complete team in the league. But if it is close, Nor’easter pulls it out.

So who wins from here?


~ by mglitos on March 3, 2009.

10 Responses to “Hiatus High Times…Your Tournament Primer…”

  1. MGL – it’s gotta be the Wrens. Jump on the bandwagon.

  2. Litos, if this happens, you will know its me talking to you when the guy next to you is in a custom made waffle house challenge DAC Pack shirt and mumbling about how he thought he was over this once the Sox started winning. Why the hell would I move to Philly?

    And then he pukes 180 proof vomit on the side of the building.

  3. MGL-

    Wake me up when the W is not nearly as awful… I’ll be in my Cubs induced stupor til next fall.


  4. Glad to see you’re still out there, Gorilla. They could use use your guidance at The Beach.

    The Cubbies may eventually kill me.

  5. If Janning’s “over” 18 for the tourney, I’ll buy you dinner at the NCAA Regional NU is at, because if he goes for 18 a game in Ricmhond, Mofo and I are going to be party to the smallest court storming in CAA Tournament History.

    The storming will immediately be preceeded by Tom Yeager having a heart attack when NU plays Hofstra for the title in front of 2,000 friends and family members in the Coliseum.

    Unfortunately, Drexel will likely beat the Huskies, on Saturday night ending a truly disappointing season for Nor’easter.

  6. I hate your jinxing ability NUHF!

  7. NUHF–that’s the point…if Janning and Adako average 30ppg, NU is in good shape. But I’m not messing with your jinx, hex, karma, etc. Merely pointing out something I believe.

  8. I have to say, I don’t really think 30 points per game from those two is much of a stretch…Janning averages 14 by himself, and Adako has showed he can score 15.

    No, I think the key to Northeastern making a deep run is how well Chaisson Allen plays. Look, as I’ve said before, I’ve seen a lot of this Northeastern team and am rooting for them this weekend as I’m a Michigan fan, and as Allen goes, the Huskies go, more so than Janning in my opinion. If he can give them 15 per game, 5 rebounds (his average), and 4-5 assists, they can win the title. When he’s playing well, it takes so much pressure off Janning. With Bataille’s recent emergence, I think you’re going to see Allen play a little more off the ball anyway, and that should help keep him fresh.

  9. We love ya Metsox – when do you get in to Richmond?

    I get in Friday around 10 am if you want to catch up, it would be great.

  10. We’re drivin down, stayin at the omni. My guess is we get there middle of session 1, but it will depend on when we choose to leave and traffic obviously. Hopefully one of us will be buyin the other a beer after the 8:30 game on saturday night. On the other hand, if you’re playing Towson that night I’ll be dead of alchi poisoning by then. Weather sounds awesome for the weekend, that will be welcomed.

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