The Crossover, A Definition…

Here’s what’s going to happen at some point in the next few days:

You are going to check in to read the latest of my brilliant analysis and humor information about the 2009 CAA Tournament, and you will find nothing more than a link. Perhaps there will be an automatic redirect, but I doubt it.

You will be asked to crossover to a different, CAA-branded site for all the RTU tourney coverage you can handle. So what, you ask?

Here’s what: Weeks ago, I asked the CAA pooh-bahs, and was granted, “backstage” access to this year’s Grindapalooza. I will be provided a camera, a guy to help with the camera, and the access and technological know-how needed to provide you extreme in-depth coverage.

I’m going to be everywhere I can get, beginning Thursday and going straight through the championship. You will see all of it here (well,  there).

We’re not doing this on a whim–there were actual meetings, pieces of paper with real live plans on them, and discussion about how we wanted this to go. I wanted to do this last year, but planning was sparse because of the leg injury and there was that annoying cast to my upper thigh.

But we’re getting it done this year.

What is “backstage?”

I’ll get access to assistant coaches for interviews pre and post game (and even halftime, if I can walk quickly enough), perhaps a head coach or three (depends upon their mood).

I get to roam the back halls of the Richmond Coliseum–do you SEE the things I am willing to do for you–to get huddles, plans, etc. I get to get on a bus or two; I get to get into the walkthroughs.

Fans will be involved. Some of you are coming a long way and you deserve at least a mention, if not more. I’ve always believed that you are the heart and soul of this operation. Don’t go the other way when I show up to talk to you, and please let me in your official school gatherings.

There will be the trackable interviews: pro scouts, teevee types, or the random CAA VIP.

I’m planning on playing around with a photo-share site so that we can instantly upload game photos. It will be part of a pseudo-live blogging strategy for those unable to make the tournament but as just as passionate.

Side note: The difference: “Egerson scores to make it 6-6” won’t be in there. “Egerson swatted a shot into the eighth row and broke the nose of Virginia governor Tim Kaine” would make it, along with a photo.

And of course, the same insightful analysis and the predictions you’ve come to depend on for accuracy will be there, too.


That’s a pile of information, so I’ll quit writing now–especially because my eyes are full of tears after typing the words accuracy, my, and predictions in the same sentence–and say this: keep coming back and follow directions. The rest you will enjoy.


~ by mglitos on March 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Crossover, A Definition…”

  1. I would love for John Vaughan to dive into Tim Kaine like he did that older woman on Sat…but, with less kindness, of course.

  2. If I’m not in your video diary I will hack your site. 😉

  3. Can’t wait for Friday. I’ll be there for all 4 games — looking forward to the GA State-Delaware opener the most, but as a VA kid, the JMU-W&M matchup will be a fun one as well. Last year W&M was easily the story of the tournament, and it was easy to see just by the way Shaver has his kids all slap hands when they’re running back into lines during pregame that they really play for one another. They’re not as good as this year, but I still like to watch them play.

  4. Michael … I sent this over to Kyle at to see if he bites for tournament stories. Anyway, stop by and see us this weekend as I know I want to personally thank you for your continued great insight on the CAA. Thanks, John

    “2009 will mark the 11th year that our sorted group will be attending the CAA Tourney down in Richmond. In the early years, we weren’t family yet but through marriages to sisters, a good portion of us are now family. Throw in some close friends in our group and we have most of the conference covered.

    Our family group includes 1 from JMU, 1 from GMU, 1 from ODU, and 1 from W&M – well, he actually went to Michigan but his wife went to W&M but he represents the Tribe well. Our close friend group includes 1 more from JMU, 1 from Towson plus (and every group needs a fickle member) a Fairfield alum who supports either Drexel or Northeastern depending on the day. Actually I believe the “Stagger” from Fairfield really just comes for the cold, frosty beverages anyway.

    We have seen some great games over the years – the Tony Skinn game, the incredible buzzer beaters the past 2 years between W&M and Georgia State, the look of disbelief on the VCU fan’s faces after losing to W&M last year, not to mention the draftiness of the Richmond Coliseum (Mausoleum) on those Friday play-in games of year’s past when the place was only about 10% full.

    The familiarity of going to the tournament year after year has grown on us all. Though we don’t really know everybody, we have a sense of comfort in seeing everyone again. Richard from UNCW, the VCU pep band leader, the cowbell guy from Georgia State, the cheerleaders from W&M (who really need to get some sun), “Metternick” from ODU and all the caazone bunch, and even the sarcastic VCU fan (whose face is always etched in my brain) for acknowledging this JMU fan’s presence by “thanking me for coming out to support the conference” after the Dukes were long sent home.

    We are there for the whole tourney – starting on Friday – and we will be there again this year > Section 17A, Rows C and D. No doubt we will be donning our jackets on Friday to ward off some of that Richmond Mausoleum draftiness. We all can’t wait.”

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