Whatcha’ Gonna’ Do, Blaine?

There is no more intriguing storyline for tomorrow than Gerald Lee’s injured foot. The 6-9 skilledman (a new position for big guys that can dribble well) became entagled with Chris Cooper in practice the other day, and Lee missed the Monarchs win over The College on Wednesday.

Medical reports show anything from a “hot spot” (???) to a stress fracture to malaria. The thing here is not to focus on what any doctor says. It doesn’t matter. The point is that Lee is straddling the line of a serious, season-ending injury and playing through pain.

Forget x-rays and second opinions–this is about comfort and risk.

So Blaine–do you gauge Lee’s comfort (as if the player would tell you the truth) and risk not having him for the CAA tourney? It’s actually very complicated yet very simple.

An ODU win in Matthews guarantees them Friday off–another day’s rest for Lee whether ODU is the #3 seed or #4 seed. We all know three-in-three is better than four-in-four, especially if your best player is hurt. And consider continuing along in the postseason.

There is much to gain.

An ODU loss and there is a very high likelihood of a Friday game. (We’ll deal with those later today.) Interestingly, if ODU loses there is a strong chance the Monarchs are the #5 seed. This sets up nearly the same path they’d have as the #4 seed just with a Friday game against UNCW. (Other games notwithstanding.)

The opinion of the Powers That Be at RTU? Sit Lee and make sure he is healthy. ODU is playing at least as well as anyone right now; certainly they enter Richmond with as much confidence as anyone. Your downside is a Friday game that he doesn’t HAVE to play anyway. Besides, it isn’t a bad thing for the Carters and Jameses and Hassells to learn to play without Lee.

When you consider both arguments, the “gain” is not as much as you would think.

Big picture, folks. Big picture.


~ by mglitos on February 27, 2009.

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