Pondering the Postseason…

JMU at Delaware: 2:00 tip. I don’t know whether or not JMU has finally run out of gas. We will be able to see tomorrow–a roadie on the last day of the season for a game that means little is very telling.

UNCW at Hofstra: 4:00 tip on MSG teevee. The Pride is a nation’s best 12-2 in games decided by five or fewer points. Pride wins in a game that won’t be that close.

Ga State at VCU: 4:00 tip, The Comcast Network, CSS teevee. Eric Maynor Senior Afternoon, and a conference title up for grabs. I can’t see VCU losing this one, despite what I said yesterday.

ODU at Nor’easter: 6:00 tip, a bunch of CSN regional teevees. My opinion only, but I believe ODU is already looking at the tournament. This isn’t to say they will give it away–they will play hard and get after Poor Bill’s troops. But Taylor will err on the side of caution with Gerald Lee, and everybody else. That plus the road will conspire to give Nor’easter a victory.

Drexel at The College: 7:00 tip. If Drexel expects to make it past Saturday, they must win this one. They will.

Towson at George Mason: 8:00 tip on MASN. The Patriots has better be more excited about this game than I am. They will.

For the purpose of thinking about stuff…I’ve got to say I like VCU, Mason, Hofstra, and Drexel to win. This renders the JMU/Delaware game somewhat ineffectual.

That said, the above would set up, assuming Nor’easter victory:

VCU, NU, Mason, Drexel are top four. Then: ODU, Hofstra, JMU, Ga State, Del/Towson (UD #9 with win over JMU, #10 if lose. Tow the other seed), W&M, UNCW.

If ODU wins and everything else is as stated above:

VCU, Mason, NU, ODU top four. Then: Drexel, Hofstra, JMU, Ga State, Del/Towson (UD #9 with win over JMU, #10 if lose. Tow the other seed), W&M, UNCW.

But really, that’s just something to chew on because we know one of those gimmes I listed above won’t come to fruition.

So we’ll stop, pop a few Stellas, and enjoy the action.


~ by mglitos on February 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Pondering the Postseason…”

  1. Check the Radford/Miller blog. It’s only a sprain, your favorite big PG is practicing today and will play Saturday night.

  2. Count me as someone who wouldnt mind seeing DU go down on saturday. I cant believe I said it either. But I think Id rather be in the 2/3 bracket and play 4 games then be in the 1/4 bracket and play ODU and VCU just to get to the championship game… That 1/4 bracket is going to be stacked no matter what. UD, GSU are the bottom feeders (besides the Dub) in that bracket? Good luck!

  3. As you talked about in your last post, there is NO reason to play Lee against Northeastern…if he plays and ODU loses, that would be a total waste. If he plays and ODU wins, yes, it would give them and Lee Friday off, but I don’t think you’d see Lee against UNCW anyway even if ODU loses to Northeastern. Not enough difference in the #5 and #4 seed to risk playing him.

    As a sidenote, I’m a Michigan fan, so any victories Northeastern picks up will help us out!

    Also, you mention JMU finally running out of gas. I’d have to say that if anyone in tomorrow’s matchup is tired, it has to be Delaware. They’re a dangerous team, to be sure, and will be in the tournament, but they’ve got three players averaging over 34 minutes a game and a 4th who averages 32.

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