Pleading InCAAnity…Part 1…

Still think UNCW vs. Elon is better in late February than UNCW vs. Mason?

Four one-point mashups last night, three of which had a huge impact on the seedings and Saturday. Every time you think this CAA season has become ridiculous, it does you one better.

The very ridiculous thing: all of these games were finishing up at about the same time. Anybody know where to buy a new “refresh” button?

The Narchs went without Gerald Lee last night–bum ankle that was turned over in practice–and nearly went without winning. The 64-63 ODU victory produced hang wringing not seen until…

…you head south to Wilmington, where the Hawks rallied from way back in Trask to take the lead on a Montez Downey BOMB, only to have Mason execute a perfect backdoor play. The John Vaughan reverse layup with four second buoyed the Patriots 53-52. The escape–and let’s be clear that was firs rate escape–produced an exhale big enough…

…to propel you to Philly, where Baptiste Bataille picked up a loose ball off of a blocked shot and calmly put it in the hoop to give Nor’easter a very defining (more no that later) 47-46 victory over Drexel.

BTW–Towson slipped by Delaware 75-74, and VCU dispatched JMU 71-52. Finally Ga State obliterated Hofstra 76-55.

Absolutely amazing night of basketball.


Logistics note: keep checking back today and tomorrow. There’s obviously a pile to get to, and instead of burying fun and important stuff or holding it, we’ll strive to get little chunks out to you ASAP.


~ by mglitos on February 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pleading InCAAnity…Part 1…”

  1. Manny Adako was rediculous last night. And how about this second half score:

    Janning – 0 points
    Rodgers – 0 points

    Coen ran a very effective box and 1 on Scott in the second half, what a ballgame. DU either just can’t finish or is the unluckiest team in the land, half their losses by 1 point… Probably a mixture of the two.

    Richmond is gonna be wild.

  2. 17 points, 13 minutes, 5 fouls.

    You’re not going to find a line more unusual than that in a while. Then again, if there is one Mr. Whelliston may find it.

    I think I’m going to buy a couple of cases of Tums and sell them to the loyal CAA fans during the tournament. I figure I might make a pretty penny.

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