Late Afternoon Random Ramblings…

I spoke to a coach this morning and asked about Georgia State–and so we’re clear the coach isn’t on the Hofstra nor Georgia State staff–and he told me “those guys are finally figuring it out. They are scary.”

Indeed. The Panthers have won four in a row and five of six in February, including a Krubally-filled victory over Northeastern at Matthews. Georgia State is an upset win over VCU Saturday from a 9-9 conference season, a staggering accomplishment considering they were left for dead at 3-7 two weeks ago.

I wonder if the secret isn’t the polar opposite of what everyone thought would make Georgia State good. In last night’s spelunking of Hofstra, Lennie Mendez led the way with 27 points. Trae Goldston added 15, and Rashad Chase added seven points, a team-leading eight rebounds, and three assists. There’s a common thread there.

Could it be that it took Georgia State until late February to figure out they are very good when the touted transfers learn to play with the holdovers, instead of the other way around like everyone kept saying?

And in case you are full of pshaw, Trae Goldston had an open look at a three last season that would’ve won the game for the Panthers in Richmond.


VCUs Eric Maynor missed a layup in the waning minutes of the Rams’s win over JMU last night. It wasn’t any random bucket. The hoop would’ve broken VCUs alltime scoring record, on hold until Saturday. Maynor has 1,857 career points, one behind Kendrick Warren, who scored 1,858 from 1990-94. Maynor broke the school record for career assists earlier this season.


A must-read from Kyle today. The key graf:

“To emerge from the long grind of 16 or 20 games, then play lossless and near-perfect basketball in a tense single-elimination event, that is what we celebrate here. These are the titles we reference continually on The Mid-Majority, the “league champion” tags that are afforded winners of banners that may not achieve the proper respect outside these digital walls. A week later, to most, they’ll just be double-digit seeds.”


It signifies nothing, but I’m thinking Mason won on John Vaughan’s side door layup, or maybe cellar door (you know, the ones on the ground with the handles) layup. I’m struggling with a “backdoor” play being run down the baseline.

But it was very sweet, and bears a significance I hope to remember to write about next week.


Must give it up for a young man profiled WAY BACK in late November. Frenchy, Bap, That Freaking Little Guy, whatever you call him, Baptiste Bataille is a guy that must be accounted for, even if he does nothing for Poor Bill.

What I mean is that the kid is going to get after it at every moment, and even if he doesn’t do anything, what he is doing does something. What?

Chase Allen may get a crucial steal, but I’d wager the Nor’easter opponent was knocked askew by a Bataille dive or attempt to take a charge. Bataille may disappear in the lane, but two passes later, with a wing guard mysteriously on the baseline, Matt Janning will shoot uncontested.



~ by mglitos on February 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Late Afternoon Random Ramblings…”

  1. BB might find Matt on the wing open…but Matt has to hit the open look….which has been a problem all year.

    I agree 1000% about BB or Frenchy as we call him.

    He is like Charlie Hustle sans stats. : )

  2. One of our more veteran posters on DieHardDogs has said “we will go as far in Richmond as Baptiste Bataille will take us”. Little known story about Frenchy – Ron Everhart signed him without ever seeing him play a game – he took the advise of his unpaid volunteer assistant coach.

    Another younger poster calls him “Northeastern’s Dustin Pedroia”.

    Regarding GSU, former NU hoop coach Karl Fogel used to have a mantra that transfers of any kind, whether they be JuCo or from another school take half a season to learn how to play with the existing team (regardless of their sit year) and half a league schedule to understand the league – I think that’s what we’re seeing with Georgia State.

    The door you’re talking about with the two handles is called a Bulkhead. Bulkhead play doesn’t flow off the tongue at all.

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