This Would Be Today’s Introduction…

We’ll get to the meat of the games in a bit, probably midafternoon…


It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about the BracketBusters, as I sit here this morning I’ve found another reason to hate it: we’re in late February and the CAA race is tight and taut and tumultuous and tremendous. I missed it over the weekend. I really did.

The “break” stinks. As mentioned in the push for 22 conference games, it would be far more fun to get a couple key matchups that muck the waters on a late February Saturday, no? Instead we were treated to Hofstra vs. Fairfield.


I would be remiss if I didn’t offer you the means to get the tourney tickets I keep telling you to purchase. Go here and get it done, man. Or call Your School’s ticket office.

And to answer those of you kind enough to email and wonder about the seating chart. It was designed based on two things:  (1) the team standings as of 2/19. The top seeds get the better seats. (2) the number of tickets requested by each school.

It is basic math and jigsaw puzzle stuff.



~ by mglitos on February 25, 2009.

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