Tonight’s Slate Now, Tiebreaker Stuff Later…We’re A Little Excited…

LATE EDIT: Forget the tiebreakers. Enjoy tonight and we’ll chew the fat tomorrow. Besides, between radio, teevee, and Net I’ve got to figure out my viewing strategery.


Somebody needs to check the main water line at JMU, or any random source like that. It’s a 1970s “horror” movie in Harrisonburg–you know “Food of the Gods” or “Empire of the Ants” and the like.

First it was Abdullai Jalloh. Then Juwann James. Then various nicks and scrapes and bumps. Then James again. Then Semenov. Then Devon Moore. Now, Dopirak reports that Kyle Swanston–First Team All CAA Hair–will likely miss tonight’s game against VCU with dizzy spells.

It’s become so bad that even Benny Moss is feeling sorry for Matt Brady.

This all leads us to believe that tonight’s “biggie” may not be as large. It is going to be tough on the Dukes without Swanston and Moore.

Two final thoughts: JMU may be the best (or most scary) seventh seed in the history of the conference.

Most importantly, I don’t care if you have no interest in this game or harbor a hatred for all things JMU. You owe it to the JYD to stand and give applause for his senior night and final appearance in The Convo.

I realize we get a little poetic over here, but I’m telling you–that kid is what mid major basketball is all about. You think about what he has been through over four years and if you cannot give him his due then you need to re-evaluate a few things.

JMU was 12-46 his first two seasons and he took a beating. James kept fighting and never complained. He’s made it through losing, a new coach, health problems, and transition. Never put his head down, and simply kept moving forward and taking care of his business, and thus JMU business. He will graduate.

James’s significant part in the program’s improvement will be forgotten in three years, so we all need to honor him today.

And I’ll tell you this right now: they’d better hang Juwann James’s jersey in the rafters. Perhaps not tonight, but not too long from now.


They get no bigger than Poor Bill at Bru this evening. Sure, the winner of this game is in great shape for the Friday Bye, but the outcome of the game specifically impacts five teams. JMU/VCU will take care of itself, but everybody in between will have their eyes trained on Philly.

Commentor MetSox gives us a preview of the key matchup, as well as a Richard Simmons visual we’d prefer to forget.

The view from RTU? It’s a race to 50.

Another friend of ours (because we could not be half as effective with this blog without our friends), the erstwhile and intelligent NU Hoop Fan, tells me that NU appeared to be intimidated during the second half of Drexel’s big comeback in Mathews a couple weeks back. The Dragons rallied from 13 down in the second half to win.

Poor Bill will play almost exclusive zone tonight, daring Harris/Colds/Tra/Rodgers to beat him from the arc. Drexel shot 33 free throws in the first meeting–way too many. Defend without fouling is the key–far more important than great glasswork.

Nor’easter will also have to take care of the basketball. It’s no secret they want to limit possessions, so turning the ball over once every four possessions–like the Huskies did in the first game–is deplorable. (Poor Bill is a really smart guy so I tried to use a word he would use.)

Drexel just needs to be Drexel. Period. Defend, box out, and shoot a decent percentage.

If either teams scores 60 points, it will win.


Danger, Will Robinson? Hofstra heads to Atlanta. How could that be, with Ga State being all stinky and stuff?

The Panthers have won three in a row and four of five. They are still the team everybody spoke highly of in the early season (until they all those games to D1 teams). Plus, a roadie to Atlanta on a Wednesday to play in front of a sparse crowd isn’t exactly motivating.

This one is about fire. Jenkins will take his usual 473 shots, but the key is going to be two-fold: Nat Lester continuing to be that second guy, and My Man Corny. Good Corny is the gas can for this team, and he will need to explode. (Side note: Beach will have some great detail for you later today, I’m sure.)


ODU hosts The College in one of those games that scares ODU fans but makes guys like me laugh at ODU fans. This isn’t to pick on ODU; all fans are like this. They fear the worst. The Monarchs will roll.

(Psst, Jay: W&M is 3-2 in its past five CAA games and is 2-2 against ODU in its last four matchups. Uh-oh. Mua-hahahaha!!!!)


We’ll also handoff to Mull for this one. His UNCW GameDay entries are why he is the best beatnick in the conference. Check back on that linky line.

My take is that it needs to be a TCB game for Larranaga. I’d have the same no fear view as the ODU/College game but Mason is on the road–a tad scary. Still, this isn’t January so I don’t buy the “they beat VCU” argument.

Here’s the key thought: It is very important for Mason to solve its road woes, if only to prove they can play at a high level away from the Patriot Center. This is a mental test for them, not for tonight, but for March 7-9.


Props to Monte, who has the best haricut in the conference. The Hens will beat somebody in March, especially if they drill PK and the Boys.


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One Response to “Tonight’s Slate Now, Tiebreaker Stuff Later…We’re A Little Excited…”

  1. Oh, it wasn’t pretty (I LOVE blowing 16 pt. leads!!), but I’ll take that Mason win at dreaded Trask last night. It’s that time of the year…where it doesn’t matter how you do it – you just gotta win. We needed that confidence booster before Richmond.

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