“Lock Up The Bye And Roll The Dice…”

A friend wrote that, not me, but it is ideal for what is upon us now. Even that may not be satisfying, though, according to Blaine Taylor. (Captip to Tom.)

Taylor mentioned yesterday that he has been the fourth seed and it isn’t exactly great. You start with the #5 seed, a team you probably aren’t better than–they either have the same record and lost a tiebreaker or lost one more game than you. Then, you get the #1 seed, typically the team on a roll.

It’s all perspective, folks. Win the game in front of you.


Lots of banter on my All Teams, none more generated than Quinn McDowell as rookie of the year. I chose McDowell based solely on consistency from game #1 until today.

McDowell is tops for freshmen in terms of efficiency–tied with Devon Moore at 10.6 per game but McDowell is the most efficient per possession, a key stat when comapring Tribesmen. (.216 to .168). He is second in minutes and third in scoring. He shoots 52% from the field (48% threes) and 77% from the line.

The other deciding factor: McDowell doesn’t have that thing, such as a wicked three or standing 6-10. He just gets it done. The fact that you could not pick him out of a police lineup only strengthens my argument.


I’ve spent too much time with the tiebreakers, helping friends and Their Team while trying to sort it out. It hurts my head.

(Side note: go here for tiebreaker explanation.)

But here’s some two-bit analysis to start with, and I promise depth tomorrow.

PGP Encryption (okay, pretty good position)…

1. VCUs magic number is two with Nor’easter and one with Mason. Barring a total meltdown, the Rams are no worse than second seed.

2. Mason: two winnables and a toughie finish for Nor’easter. Tough to see Larranaga’s troops finishing worse than second or third.

3. Hofstra: two winnables (though Hotlanta ain’t going to be cake tomorrow night) gets them to 12-6. Amazing to think, though, that winning seven in a row and 11 of 13 may not get you a bye.

I am your density: Nor’easter. Tough row to hoe, but Poor Bill’s wins would be over his tiebreak partners. It works the other way, too. The fortunes of ODU and Drexel may end up in how those two handle Nor’easter.

As I have the wont to announce: more later…………………………..


~ by mglitos on February 24, 2009.

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