Does It Hurt When You Do That? Then Stop Doing That…

So I’m running through the tiebreaker scenarios–you know, because I get paid so much money to do this for you guys I feel responsible–and I realized that after tomorrow night, we could have a five-way tie for second place. You can hear the groan of the guy at the CAA office in charge of working through the tiebreakers.

It isn’t crazy to think Drexel beats Nor’easter, and Hofstra (at Ga. State) and ODU (vs. W&M) both win. If The Dub takes down Mason (ahem, like The Mossmen did to VCU), we’ll have five teams at 11-6.

Okay, let’s say Mason gets the job done. That’s still four teams for two Friday Bye Seeds.

In that specific tiebreaker scenario (and we’re not going to go any further, although Drexel would assume a huge advantage for the #3 seed).

Side note: to be fair, we’ll run a few scenarios tomorrow as well with NU winning.

Nor’easter 2-3

Hofstra 1-1

ODU 1-0, vs. 2/28

Drexel  0-2

Drexel 4-1

Hofstra 2-0

ODU 0-1

NU  2-0

Hofstra 2-3

Drexel 0-2

ODU 1-0

NU 1-1

ODU 1-2

Drexel 1-0

Hofstra 0-1

NU 0-1, @2/28


VCU 12-4: @JMU, Ga State

Nor’easter 11-5: @Drexel, ODU

Mason 11-5: @UNCW, Towson

Drexel 10-6: Nor’easter, @W&M

Old Dominion 10-6: W&M, @Nor’easter

Hofstra 10-6: @Ga State, UNCW

JMU 9-7: VCU, @Delaware

Georgia State 7-9: Hofstra, @VCU

Delaware 5-11: @Towson, JMU

William & Mary 4-12: @ODU, Drexel

Towson 4-12: Delaware, @Mason

UNCW 3-13: Mason, @Hofstra


~ by mglitos on February 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Does It Hurt When You Do That? Then Stop Doing That…”

  1. Actually, that four way scenario can’t happen, since ODU plays Northeastern in the last game. Well, it actually could if.all four tied with seven losses, and then you could have JMU in there as well

  2. I’m not having any faith in my Patriots winning at Trask until it happens. Maybe tonight.

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