Restarting The Engines…(I Hope You Are Rested…)

This is worth clicking for two reasons:

1. We bang on Jim Calhoun, but he makes me laugh here. Perfect.

2. A $12 million profit? Again, I laugh. For a different reason.


Not much from the CAA coaches this morning–there was a review of that event that occurred over the weekend (8-4 if you are counting and I was a perfect 12-0), and plugs for all conference honors.

The coaches all sounded very tired, though. Even the  cut-ups were mostly joke free. It must be late February.

We’ll get back into the swing of things in a big way either later today or early tomorrow. We have a few things marinating that need time.

I will say this: love the conference’s teevee opportunities. I was able to paint a den and get all kinds of housework done this weekend with CAA basketball as the backdrop.

And learned that scotch after wine is doable.

Until we meet again, here’s my all conference honors:

All Conference, First Team

Note: The second team will be a lot of fun to put together, but in my mind this was an easy team to pick–far more clear than previous seasons.

Eric Maynor (POY)

Matt Janning

Gerald Lee

Marc Egerson

Charles Jenkins

Coach of the Year

Note: I generally stay clear of “Co-” anything, but I can be comfy with Matt Brady getting half this award. My choice went to Bruiser for the preseason expectations and consistency, but Brady has battled as much adversity as anyone west of Wilmington and still won games. Kudos are well deserved for both.

Bruiser Flint

All Defensive Team

Note: DPOY is tough because of the skillset differences. But Sanders and Vaughan are clearly the two best defenders in the conference. Also, if I had a sixth, it would be Greg Washington of Hofstra or Ben Finney of ODU.

Larry Sanders

John Vaughan

Joey Rodriguez

Scott Rodgers

Chase Allen

Side note: While we’re handling post-lunch edits, the defensive player of the year, spot minutes division, has got to be Heiden Ratner from JMU. If that kid isn’t nicknamed The Rat, somebody missed a layup.

All Freshman Team

Note: 13 freshmen are playing more than 16 minutes per game, and many in key roles. I could’ve easily put 10 on this team (Stephenson, Semenov, Burgess, etc.)

Quinn McDowell (ROY)

Devon Moore

Kevon Moore

Julius Wells

Ryan Pearson


~ by mglitos on February 23, 2009.

11 Responses to “Restarting The Engines…(I Hope You Are Rested…)”

  1. Holy Christ no mention of Scott Rodgers in the DPOY convo or even on the first team. His numbers don’t look great, because he’s not the cornerback that gets the interceptions, he’s the corner that you don’t even throw in the direction of. He gets the star of every other team. Wow litos, bigtime oversight. Here’s the 3 guys I could isolate and say Scott was on the entire night start to finish:

    jenkins – 10ppg against scott
    vaughn – 8ppg against scott
    janning -15ppg so far, but on 31% shooting, at home in the freezer (season avg: 43%)

    there’s just no question he’s on the team, come on now ML!

  2. Oops…

    Meant to include in that reply and forgot. Loyola’s leading scorer did decide to test Scott all day. Ended up shooting 7/24 (29%) with 16 points. The kid (Jamal Barney) averages: 42% for 19.1ppg. Someone finally challenged Scott… and in return, he got intercepted.

  3. My mistake–and it was a mistake, not an oversight. Rodgers was on “the list” but when I narrowed it and began typing he disappeared. (As in I just didn’t retype his name and moved on and forgot.)

    Absolutely my mistake because Rodgers is obviously part of the all defensive team. So adjusted.

  4. Thanks Mike. gotta stand up for scotty, kid has just became a man this year, talk about your guy who wants the ball when it counts… cant remember the last time DU had someone like that. Robert Battle?

  5. Clearly Rodgers belongs and it was literally a transcribing issue–much of this blog is created at really odd hours and odd times. Every now and again I lose slips of paper.

    Tough to compare bigs and smalls but I get what you are after. He is definitely a handles his business defender.

  6. Sure wish you’d give some reasons for your ROY pick. Out of the 5 on your freshman squad, he MIGHT have been my 5th pick. Stephenson has an arguement. McDowell had a nice season, no doubt. Wells may win it in a landslide and that’s if Moore(Devon) doesn’t. Not slamming your pick cuz certainly it’s your opinion. But sure will be anxious to see how it goes down. I think you may have missed big on that pick. No problem coming back to say you were right, i was wrong.

  7. So can your reproduce your blog when Finney was first team? You really didn’t think I would miss that…did you?

  8. Can’t wait to watch these guys in action in Richmond. I’m from Fredericksburg, go to college in Erie, PA, but I’ll be back home in time for Day 1 of the Tournament. I went to the first two days of last year’s tournament…aka the William and Mary/David Schneider show.

    Anyway, I’ve been paying attention to the CAA all year based on my great experience last year, and just the fact that I’m from the heart of CAA country anyway and have friends at some of the member schools.

    My awards would go to the following:

    First Team:

    Maynor (POY)
    Egerson (so impressed by the way he ran the team in the tournament last year against Drexel, and I have no idea how a guard who averages a double-double doesn’t get more national pub)
    Larry Sanders
    Chaisson Allen

    Second Team:

    Chad Tomko
    Junior Hairston
    Dave Schneider

    Coach of Year:

    Bill Coen (9-9 last year, no great athletes on this team, no standout players…I think Janning is overrated anyway…)

  9. So who exactly does Finney make first team over?

    Janning, Egerson, and Maynor are no brainers. Lee has played out of his mind in the last month and Jenkins is easily the best soph in an outstanding soph class. I don’t see the case for Finney.

  10. The ever-vigilant Jay was referring to Ben Finney being on the first team All Defense. I can never sneak anything past him. (haha!)

    Jay–simple error on my part. I blew it on Scott Rodgers and Finney was my #5 all defense guy so he got bumped to the italic type. Shouldn’t you be more concerned with stopping the Frosh of the Year?

  11. I am not too worried about stopping Quinn McDowell, albeit the Tribe always plays ODU tough. I will bet ya a beer in Richmond Finney makes the All Defensive team and Joey doesn’t. On?

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