The games are on the schedule, starting tonight at 9:00 on ESPNU, so something must be done with them. The question is, what?

As I mentioned here, BracketBusters is dead to me. It is an event that has WAY outlived its usefulness, its character, its PR, and itself. There has got to be a different answer.

(Side note, related: check this out, as Kyle went about seven hours. That’s service my friends, and you should thank him.)


The games matter in a grand scheme sense. Anything from 8-4 on up is wonderful, 4-8 or worse is awful, and in between vanilla.

It would be nice to win all of the teevee games, but even that isn’t critical. Being on teevee is the win. So Mason loses to Creighton. So what? The Blue Jays are good and at home. The story is much better if “Creighton knocked off the second best team in the CAA, a conference that went 9-3 in the BracketBusters.”

Get my drift?

You want a very bad argument that homers like me fire from left field? In 2006, the George Mason year, Air Force was given an at large berth with an RPI in the mid 50s and a noncon SOS in the 270s. They were 12-4 and finished T2 in their conference. Sound familiar?

Please don’t misunderstand–the CAA has a 0.233947 percent chance of getting an at large bid. All I’m saying is that we’ve seen “what the hell was that” picks in the past from the selection committee. It is important for the conference to do well this weekend to preserve its position of having the team everybody in the country yells about getting an at large.

Ludicrous fun aside, the thing you need to pay attention to is the playing time of the key players. Three years ago (that 2006 season), Tom Pecora entertained the thought of sitting down three of his studs for Hofstra’s meaningless BracketBusters game. He was actually okay with Loren Stokes, Carlos Rivera, and Aurimas Kieza playing a combined zero minutes.

The problem was that Pecora is loyal to seniors, and the coach allowed the players to make the call. You know as well as I do those kids were going to play. They did.

But the thought is very salient–with such a battle looming not just in March but next Wednesday, how much do you sit down your stars?

The Slate:

VCU @ Nevada: I’ll take Nevada. Logistics kill VCU and I wonder if Maynor plays 20 minutes. Grant will experiment.
Liberty @ ODU: Monarchs roll big time.
Northeastern @ Wright State: NU turns a corner, again, and wins ugly. Big question: who scores more, NU or Gerald Lee?
Delaware @ Bucknell: Big time toss up here but I like what Monte is doing.
Manhattan @ W&M: This would be nice to get from an RPI perspective, but I don’t see it.
Morgan State @ Towson: Shockingly, this is a toss up in my mind, and I’ll give the win to Morgan State.
Georgia State @ Eastern Michigan: GSU is just better. If the Panthers lose this game, it is nothing more than not wanting to travel. It would also be nice to get at one D1 victory out of conference.
Loyola (MD) @ Drexel: Patsos v. Flint may be more entertaining than the game, but the Dragons roll.
Gardner Webb @ JMU: This game is why I hate BracketBusters. JMU wins.
Elon @ UNCW: This one, too. The Dub.
Hofstra @ Fairfield: This one, three. Hofstra.
George Mason @ Creighton: This is a good one, and when the final buzzer sounds they will talk about it being a great win for Creighton because the CAA was 9-3 in BracketBusters.


~ by mglitos on February 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “BracketBanality…”

  1. Very nice Mike!

    You went 12-for-12 … Impressive!

  2. Thanks–everything was perfect except for my math. I chose the CAA to go 8-4, then referenced the Mason loss as 9-3. That’s ESPNs fault !!

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