We May Have Witnessed March 7…

Wow. Just wow. Much more coming later today on yet another one of “those” nights in the CAA.

So let’s throw this game and this game aside for a moment.

I can imagine we just saw an evening that could be repeated for Saturday’s quarterfinals in a couple of weeks, and to use what is fast becoming a motto in these parts: You Need To Be There.™

We saw a top seed play in front of a lot of its fans, trail most of the game, but then put away its talented and erstwhile opponent late. (Dub Duns: Maynor with 30 points and 10 assists; Sanders with 19 points and 16 rebounds.)

We saw a double overtime thriller between two evenly matched teams, and neither coach left the floor happy. (Can’t wait to read Beach, if he has recovered. Lots of crooked numbers for The Pride–32/13/7 for Jenkins–and six players in double figures for JMU with one guy more than 30.)

We saw two battlers wage war in a taut 40 minutes. It was an ugly but exciting contest, with the “better” team nipping the “upstart” team by one, 49-48.

We saw a lower seed beat a higher seed.

I can absolutely see this playing out in March.

Stay tuned later today for stnadings, tiebreakers, and the ever-nebulous “such.”


~ by mglitos on February 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “We May Have Witnessed March 7…”

  1. If anything can be described as ugly and exciting, it was last night’s Mason win over Drexel. I loved almost every minute (and I was the closest I’ve ever been to the action, one row back from the court seats).

    Northeastern could be slumping at the wrong time…

    ODU is hot at the right time…

    And we will definitely see in an upset or two from the lower seeds in the CAA tourney.

    Lastly, after two one-pt. wins over Drexel this season, I don’t want to see them in Richmond. Gritty team that plays hard.

  2. I want another piece of Mason soooo bad… Bring it on Shawn!

  3. :). You may get us. You never know. Drexel’s due for a win over Mason. That scares me.

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