Sometimes, You Just Get Out Of The Way…

Beach is brilliant in his assessment of Hofstra/JMU last night, so go there to get the skinny. Anything I wrote would fall short of the mark. Even if you completely dislike Hofstra, his piece is full of wonderful nuggets. Parse through it and enjoy.

My favorite part is why we keep coming back. Mid major basketball belongs to us, not a network or a committee. That’s today’s chewable.

Also, Dopirak gives you perspective from Harrisonburg (via The Island) that is equally high quality.

Note #1: Devon Moore is getting his injured wrist x-rayed today.

Note #2: HU won a tight game to stay on pace for a #4 seed. How happy does that make you, TP? “I told the guys it was a gutty win, but I’m not going to coach a team that runs up and down the floor and scores and then lets the other team score. I’ll caddy and bartend before I do that.”


And I bring you Kish, who is dead-on with his note: Mason better start hitting free throws. Great post-game material on his site.


Remember, do what you do best, and link to the rest. Doesn’t belong to me but we follow that here. Plus, some actual work in the MPH must be done, and I need to save some material for tomorrow.


~ by mglitos on February 19, 2009.

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