EDIT: Mea culpa; there may or may not have been grappa involved with this post last night. Corrected.

Hate that term more than anything else, but let’s go down that path…

VCU wins both and gets the first seed at 14-4.

Mason wins two and gets the second seed at 13-5.

Nor’easter loses at Drexel and wins at home versus ODU. Third seed at 12-6.

Hofstra and Drexel win twice and the Dragons nab the four seed at 12-6. (2-0 vs. HOF.)

Hofstra gets the five seed and ODU sixth.

That’s just chalk, folks. We know how that’s gone this season.

It’s ironic that the most “predictable” scenario is also the simplest.

Such is life.



VCU 12-4: @JMU, Ga State

Nor’easter 11-5: @Drexel, ODU

Mason 11-5: @UNCW, Towson

Drexel 10-6: Nor’easter, @W&M

Old Dominion 10-6: W&M, @Nor’easter

Hofstra 10-6: @Ga State, UNCW

JMU 9-7: VCU, @Delaware

Georgia State 7-9: Hofstra, @VCU

Delaware 5-11: @Towson, JMU

William & Mary 4-12: @ODU, Drexel

Towson 4-12: Delaware, @Mason

UNCW 3-13: Mason, @Hofstra


~ by mglitos on February 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “Chalk…”

  1. Chalk would have Drexel with six losses, if you have them beating Northeastern.

  2. You have DU beating NU at home and losing to W+M on the road as chalk? If DU beats NU I have DU tied (and having the breaker) with HU. If that happens DU is 4 and HU is 5 if NU wins their game against ODU. IF ODU wins then its DU 3, HU 4, ODU 5, NU 6.

    NU’s last 2 games may determine the whole shuffle.

  3. Wouldn’t chalk mean that NU would beat DU and ODU since they are above them in the standings?

  4. Honestly Coach, I give that a big fat maybe. With so much hatred for the term chalk, I admit to being unsure of its correct definition. I chose a Drexel win because the two teams are separated by only one game in the standings and Drexel is at home.

    By “chalk” I mean the team I expect to win. I expect Drexel to win that game for no other reason than they are at home.

  5. You have more faith in my Patriots than I do…but, honestly…if Mason loses to a 6-22 team in UNCW…who they beat by 40 last time…well…

    We’ve seen it happen before.

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