The Chaos Theory…

More later today but here’s some notes, in no particular order, to give you some chewables for lunch today:

Granted it is early in the day, but Jim Calhoun is getting a pass from the MSM regarding his postgame presser comments last night. It was gripping, to say the least. An obviously bothered Calhoun stammered on the brink of emotion, trying not to say the officiating was putrid. Calhoun said everything but the words that the officials allowed Pitt to manhandle UConn. To be clear, I didn’t watch one second of the game and stumbled onto the postgame presser and could not look away. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched a presser so close to the edge of my seat.

Hofstra is now 10-0 when it shoots 40% or better from the field. The Pride is also 10-2 in games decided by five points or less, trailing in the last minute in five of those 10 wins, and been tied in the last 1:20 of two others. Final Hofstra note: Nat Lester has scored in double figures in six of its last seven games after not scoring in double figures in ANY of the team’s first 19 games.

My ballot for First Team All Conference is crystal clear; my Coach of the Year murky between two (Brady and Bruiser); my All Freshman team a mess.

Closing kick: Nor’easter and VCU are 11-4. No team has won the regular season with more than four losses since 1996-97 (ODU and UNCW tied at 10-6).

After starting the season only 35-31, home teams are 20-4 in the past two weeks.

We’ll revisit, but I’m not convinced “tired” comes into play whatsoever when you are talking about the advantages of the Friday Bye. These are kids in great shape and games are fun for them. The reason it is difficult is because it is difficult. I believe it is exponentially more difficult to win four in a row than three in a row. Period.

Finally, you think there is some talent in the sophomore class? I created this list off the top of my head and typed into an email. Research may extend it, but unnecessary:

  • Charles Jenkins
  • Chad Tomko
  • Jawan Carter
  • Larry Sanders
  • Fonzie Dawson
  • Cam Long
  • Dom Lacy
  • Ben Finney
  • Chase Allen
  • Keyon Carter
  • Joey Rodriguez
  • Darius James
  • Jamie Harris
  • Gerald Colds
  • Nat Lester
  • Greg Washington
  • Dante Curry
  • Robert Nwankwo
  • Frank Hassell

~ by mglitos on February 17, 2009.

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