Blaine Taylor

On seven teams being within two games of the lead: “It’s very exciting for people to follow. All of us have to jump back in the saddle and ride to the next game, and they all have potential to be a win and all have the potential to be a loss.”

On the VCU game: “An absolute crackerjack environment…the game was a back and forth game where we had the last run.”

On scoreboard watching: “I think as the season progresses, you do start watching what happens a little more closely. You have to be very careful not to get too caught up in it. I try to be careful to check it out after games, not before games, but I’m pretty quick trying to find out what happened in other games on my own time.”

Bill Coen

On familiarity: “Your pet plays are defended well so you have to make plays and use good judgment.”

Anthony Grant

On every night seems like a tournament game (five of the last six VCU games have been decided in the last minute):  “I don’t think we expect anything differently in this league. We’ve got to play better and focus better and take care of us. When we don’t (play consistent) anybody has a chance to beat us.”

Tom Pecora

Pecora cast his vote for Bruiser as coach of the year.

On the jumbled seeding: “There is no doubt in my mind that the tiebreaker system is going to be put to the test.”

On the tournament being about (favorable) matchups: “Sometimes as coaches we paralyze ouselves by thinking about this stuff too much. You play to your strengths and realize its going to come down to a couple of possessions.”

On finishing the season strong: “The key for us is making some shots. Our seniors are starting to play and I ‘ve been begging them to do that. If those two things happen we might be able to make a little noise. My goal is to make one point more than the team we play.”

Tony Shaver

On the league: “We haven’t played out best but I still don’t think there’s much difference between us and the better teams in the league. I think (the victory over Northeastern) kind of proved that.”

On Bracketbusters: “Quite honestly I’m not a fan of it. It can be a nice break and we’ll try to look at it that way. I do understand its a good thing for our league but I’m not a great big fan of it honestly.”

On his team: “We’ve got a good spirit about us right now.”

Matt Brady

On the W&M win: “If we didn’t play as well as we did defensively we certainly would’ve lost that game.”

On Dazz Thornton’s emergence: “There’s a lot of competition in our gym for Dazz and he’s looknig over his shoulder. He want sto make a difference. Form game to game we don’t lnow where ou scoring is gonig to come from and Dazz has been a part of that.

On CAA parity: “(In all leagues) so many teams are getting so much better defensively that points are hard to come by. If you have a (go-to guy) you have a little bit of an edge. You see it with VCU and Northeastern with Maynor and Janning and I feel the same way about Hofstra.”

Brady compared Charles Jenkins to Earl Campbell, former NFL fullback.

Jim Larranaga

On the mix of defense and offense: “We always talk to our players that defense requires great intensity and great effort, and offense requires great execution, timing and skills. Sometimes its hard to turn off that intensity.

On NUs 20 first half points, 17 via Mason turnovers, being proof of that: “They scored on our offensive misuces.”

On Drexel and Bruiser: “This is the kind of team Bruiser likes to have. They really reflect Bruiser’s personality. They just get after it and he has a leader in Scott Rodgers. I never saw Bruiser play in college but I bet he played like Scott Rodgers or wished he played like Scott Rodgers. They play with a lot of toughness and character.”

Monte Ross

On looking at the week: “You do get greedy. Once you win that first one you want to win the second one.”

On Brian Johnson’s scoring explosion: “He’s probably our best shooter but unfortunately probably our most reluctant shooter. We have some weapons but he’s been our most consistent weapon all year long.”

On his team’s performance: “We’re like the stock market. Up and down and up and down and up and down. But that’s what happens when you are jumpshooting team.”

Bruiser Flint

On being 5-2 on the road: “I just think we concentrate a little more. We’re bad at home, though. Sometimes they don’t focus at home but on the road we’re able to zero in on us because we know its about us.”

On the Dragons having his identity: “I want to be a little tougher myself. The guys understand what they need to do individually. Each night guys say ‘what can I do to help the team.’ As coaches we always say that, but our kids have done a great job helping the team.”

On Scott Rodgers: “I told him he was awful, terrible in his junior year. But I give the kid credit, he went out and worked and improved.”

Bruiser votes for Matt Brady as Coach of the Year.


~ by mglitos on February 16, 2009.

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  1. Great quotes. These guys seem to have a ton of respect for each other and each other’s teams. It’s gonna be a fun ride until the last CAA game of the season…the parity is amazing (and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lower seed team pulled off an upset or two before the last game either).

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