Weekend Heroes and Standings Update…

The coaches will be chatting Monday, and I’d love to know when Anthony Grant practiced having Joey Rodriguez play face up on Gerald Lee. J-Rod is listed at 5-10, but that’s when he’s wearing three-inch lifts in his shoes. Lee is a legit 6-9.

The funny thing is that it worked–while ODU was busy laughing, VCU ran off the first 14 points of the second half. Then, Lee demonstrably said “throw me the ball” and ODU strode past its rivals.

After the heroes, check the standings and schedule.


  • Whomever brought the stick into the Mason locker room at halftime and commenced poking. After 17 first half points, the Patriots made 15 second half field goals in knocking down Nor’easter.
  • Lee, who matched Maynor big basket for big basket down the stretch.
  • Chuckie Jenkins scored 17 points and dished six assists in the second half to buoy Hofstra and keep the Pride within striking distance of the Friday Bye.
  • It was Goldston’s trae that was the winner for Georgia State, but Lennie Mendez shook off the cobwebs long enough to drop 20 on The Dub on 9-14 shooting.
  • Somebody or everybody on the Hofstra team held Marc Egerson to seven points.
  • The JYD returned and scored 14 points for MNFC and the Dukes. Personally, I don’t like that he’s playing and I fear the worst, but it isn’t my decision.
  • Big Dazz scored 13 points for JMU, his third straight double figure outing. Thornton had three double digit games all season until this streak.
  • In a losing effort, The College’s Quinn McDowell may have salted away my vote for frosh of the year: 20 points, 6 rebounds, and four assists.
  • Here comes Tra. We mentioned Bruiser was going to need Tramayne Hawthorne to be a senior as we got deep into February. Five threes and 23 points today in the Dragons win over Towson is just that.
  • Scott Rodgers, anyone? All he did was score 20, dish 8, board 8, and commit one stinking turnover in 39 minutes.


Nor’easter 11-4: Ga State, @Drexel, ODU

VCU 11-4: Delaware, @JMU, Ga State

Mason 10-5: Drexel, @UNCW, Towson

Drexel 10-5: @Mason, Nor’easter, @W&M

JMU 9-6: @Hofstra, VCU, @Delaware

Old Dominion 9-6: @UNCW, W&M, @Nor’easter

Hofstra 9-6: JMU, @Ga State, UNCW

Georgia State 6-9: @Nor’easter, Hofstra, @VCU

Delaware 5-10: @VCU, @Towson, JMU

Towson 4-11: W&M, Delaware, @Mason

William & Mary 3-12: @Towson, @ODU, Drexel

UNCW 3-12: ODU, Mason, @Hofstra


~ by mglitos on February 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Weekend Heroes and Standings Update…”

  1. Sorry I missed you at the Ted, but my choices were one.

    A few weeks ago GLee was missing in action, since then you could argue he has been the most valuable player in the league…so do you still see Janning as a lock for POY next season.

  2. Wow, really? Quinn McDowell ROY? No doubt a nice frosh year but if not for the 3 JMU’ers (Wells, Moore, Semenov) stealing votes from each other, I’m not even sure he’s a lock for 1st team all CAA rookie squad when you throw in VCU’s Burgess, GMU’s Pearson, and UNCW’s Stephenson. On the other hand, McDowell definitely has contributed to W&M’s 3 CAA victories!!! Devon Moore should be ROY. Put all the rest on all rookie squad.

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