The Hits Just Keep On Comin’…

Standings and such coming later. I want to give you that kind of info without burying it here…


Last night it was Monte’s Men downing the Mason Road Show that shined a spotlight on the DeeCee’s biggest hole: No That Guy.

Yes, Darryl Monroe had a career night–27 points, 11 rebounds, 3 steals–but “that guy” is rarely a big man. Too much has to happen for a big man to be that guy, because that guy is far more than points and rebounds on the block.

Mason fans will point to horrid (10-23) free throw shooting or Delaware’s unconscious first half triple shooting (nine swishes from deep) and those are absolutely factors in why the Patriots lost their fifth roadie this season. But they aren’t the factor. The factor is that guy. Delaware had it, Mason did not.

Brian Johnson had nine assists, one turnover, and scord 11 points (hitting three threes). It may have gone unnoticed, but even with four guards on the floor, whenever Delaware got a rebound any Hen looked for Johnson. Egerson and Fonzie and Carter can handle the ball, but they all searched for Johnson.

Mason got only six points and an assist (with two turnovers) from Cam Long, and that’s not the full story. John Vaughan and Dre Smith handled the ball late, and oddly two shots WAY late in the game were taken by Louis Birdsong (probably my fourth choice).

To be fair, Long hit two big shots late and he looks like he could be that guy, but the reason Mason lost is because Long didn’t take every shot down the stretch. (Or at least take shots and dish to wide open teammates because everyone thought he was taking the shot.) That’s being that guy.

Side note of danger: Delaware attempted and made more threes than twos last night, and at a higher percentage.

Threes: 11-27 for 41%

Twos: 9-23 for 39%

Side note of danger, part two: Delaware has now beaten VCU, Mason, and Drexel. Those are the #2, #3, and #4 seeds.


~ by mglitos on February 13, 2009.

One Response to “The Hits Just Keep On Comin’…”

  1. I totally agree. Mason doesn’t have “that man”. I keep hoping it’ll be Cam (since he’s around another two years), but he hasn’t shown it in the clutch (last few minutes of each close game). Maybe next year.

    Yeah…UD is a solid sleeper in the CAA tourney. I still can’t figure out why their talent doesn’t translate to a better record.

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