A Good Dose of Symbolism…

The clarity of a surefire-wacky CAA Tournament came into focus over the past week. It began with the Wild Wednesday of a week ago, with the best team losing to the worst, and the second-best team losing to the second-worst.

It continued on Saturday when Old Dominion, left for dead two weeks ago, hauled its carcass off the road, ate a Philly cheesesteak, and drummed Drexel to pull into a tie for fourth. Moreover, JMU (playing without its best player) further clogged matters by putting down George Mason for the first time since about the Harding administration.

Every season we roll our eyes at the coaches and their cliches. We scoff at the thought of one-at-a-time, knowing full well that a modicum of attention will keep the top teams at the top, and the bottom teams in their place. It’s the CAAste system at its finest. We intellectually dismiss those 12 men that are being paid to know better.

But this is the year the coaches are right. Nothing should surprise you, and tonight is the zenith of that thought process.

No matter what happens between this day and March 6, understand that the CAA tournament is wide freaking open and you need to get your tickets and get there. And by get there, we don’t mean “fer sure” on Monday and “prolly” Sunday. We mean all weekend.


Because tonight’s wide open, pick-em-out-of-a-hat game between Old Dominion and Hofstra could be replayed as a Saturday quarterfinal.

Chew on that one for a little while.


Programming note: ODU at Hofstra tips off at 7:00 tonight on ESPNU.

As for the game, I have no idea and I don’t mind admitting it. ODU fans are dying for me to pick Hofstra, as it appears the Tribe Mojo from last season is alive and well down I-64 East. In three consecutive toss up games I’ve chosen against the Monarchs and I am 0-3.

Gerald Lee earned Co-POW honors with back-to-back double-doubles, which is more impressive considering the number of hyphens in that award. But in order to prevail, ODU is going to need a Finsell Special. We’re talking 12 points, 8 rebounds, three assists, and two charges taken for both Frank Hassell and Ben Finney.

The issue is Hofstra’s relative strength at guard. Nat Lester and Charles Jenkins will overwhelm Darius James and get into the lane at will. The Power of Finsell will have to neutralize this huge advantage for Hofstra.

Here’s the difference: in the past three Pride contests, we’ve not seen Good Corny. Now that he is at home and comfortable, Bad Corny (who is the poster child of Pecora’s Bipolar Basketball™ team) is primed to flip to Good Corny.

Plus, I know I read somewhere, and it wasn’t in the Sestokas Family Archives, that Ziggy Sestokas played tough defense on Josh Thornton last Saturday. Yeah, I know. If Zygis Sestokas is playing defense, something is odd.

ODU fans rejoice as I call: Hofstra 63, ODU 59.


~ by mglitos on February 10, 2009.

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  1. Thank you!!!

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