Tom Yeager, Come On Down…

Two immediate items of clarity from this weekend:

1. Sans stache, Tony Shaver is a dead ringer for George W. Bush. (Clearly a factor in 2-11.)

2. The CAA season is a giant game of Plinko.

Granted, that makes me Delores from Laguna Hills, stretching the elasticity limits of spandex, but it is true. Think about it: everybody sits up top with a giant chip in their hand. Because some teams are better at playing high/low, they have more chips. No matter, you get one freebie by The Commish, so you pick a path and release.

The inevitable doinks and plinks of a season consipre to pop you off course of the big prize ($25,000 or a conference championship) and then back on course, and then back off course again. At the bottom lies your reward, anything from zippo to the big prize.

It is a bumpy rollercoaster ride that bring you the highs and lows over the course of the travels of the big chip. The bumps in the middle mean nothing but then again everything. The pegs late in the game/season are the important ones, for if you didn’t get too far off course you still have a chance. It is that final plink that may tell the entire story.

That’s right–Plinko.


No need to deal with individual boxscores today, but click here to pick your game.

Notables, though:

  1. Arminas Urbutis swacked off a doulbe-double on The Island to help Hofstra past Towson.
  2. Nor’easter’s Baptiste Bataille with a season high 14 points and four triples in Poor Bill’s veek-tois over UNCW. What were the Vegas odds Bataille would outscore Chad Tomko?
  3. Big Dazz Thornton, who gutted out 29 minutes (13 points, 6 boards) in the Dukes’s biggie over Mason.
  4. Perhaps MNFC, or the entire JMU team. The Dukes were without the JYD, holding a slim halftime lead. Star frosh Andrey Semenov was carted to the hospital at the half with dizzy spells, and the other two star frosh–Julius Wells and Devon Moore–were saddled with foul trouble. Then, JMU ran out to–and then choked away–a 15-point second half lead and trailed by three with about 4 minutes to play. They could’ve folded the tents–had every reason to fold up–but didn’t.
  5. Joe Dukes, who single-handedly carried Georgia State past Delaware. Dukes scored 16 of his 18 points in hte second and took that game over.
  6. The ODU team defense. The Monarchs limited Drexel to 14 first half points, and held Scott Rodgers, Sammie Givens, Leon Spencer, and Tra Hawthorne to a combined 13 points.
  7. The VCU team defense. The College was never in the game, and I mean never from the opening tip. I believe at one point in the second half the Tribe had more turnovers than baskets made.


Let’s talk Friday. Currently three teams are tied for the final Friday Bye at 8-5 (ODU, JMU, Drexel), with Hofstra nipping at their heels. And get this: if Hofstra beats ODU on The Island, and Drexel loses at Nor’easter and JMU loses at VCU–all very possible–we will have four teams tied at 8-6.

The rundown, as promised, on the rest of the season. It is also simplified:

Nor’easter 11-2: Drexel, @Mason, Ga State, @Drexel, ODU

VCU 10-3: JMU, @ODU, Delaware, @JMU, Ga State

Mason 9-4: @Delaware, Nor’easter, Drexel, @UNCW, Towson

Drexel 8-5: @Nor’easter, Towson, @Mason, Nor’easter, @W&M

JMU 8-5: @VCU, W&M, @Hofstra, VCU, @Delaware

Old Dominion 8-5: @Hofstra, VCU, @UNCW, W&M, @Nor’easter

Hofstra 7-6: ODU, @Delaware, JMU, @Ga State, UNCW

Georgia State 5-8: @Towson, UNCW, @Nor’easter, Hofstra, @VCU

Delaware 4-9: Mason, Hofstra, @VCU, @Towson, JMU

Towson 3-10: Ga State, @Drexel, W&M, Delaware, @Mason

UNCW 3-10: @W&M, @Ga State, ODU, Mason, @Hofstra

William & Mary 2-11: UNCW, @JMU, @Towson, @ODU, Drexel


More later, including some JYD talk (it turns out he indeed had a flare up of his periocarditis), and coaches chatter.


~ by mglitos on February 9, 2009.

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