Because The Actual Basketball Games Matter, Too…

With Wednesday’s action being the hammer, we are all reminded that the purity and unpredictability we love is on the court. Get your arse to one of these games:

Towson at Hofstra: high Noon tip, CSN, MSG, CSS teevee. Beach writes about the hang-wringing on The Island and its silliness. Very true. Hofstra is probably less talented than we all thought and were getting by on tight coaching. It would explain the 57 different lineup combinations, even more as tinkering continues into February. It would also explain getting hammered at Mason.

Towson is the CAAs version of the all airport team. They look very good, big and fast, but cannot get it done.

Not in NYC 66, Not in Balto 57.

The Dub at Nor’easter: 1:00 tipper. Nothing Bill Coen will say matters. The whole Tribe game needs to be a lesson. This one is on the players, and The Cap’n needs to step up. Those Nor’easter fans with the shovels need to let Janning borrow one to sledge over the heads of the entire roster, including himself.

Love The Dub, and love what Moss has done in the past two weeks. This isn’t going to be a step back, but the Hawks will be stepped on.

Tea Partiers 72, USS North Carolina 57.

George Mason at James Madison: 2:00 tip, the Comcast Family of networks. The last time JMU defeated GMU in The Burg was February 2004. The Dukes haven’t come within 18 points of Mason since then either.

Even though there’s no JYD this one will be closer. But as mentioned in the really long previous entry–luckily right up top–Mason is a complete basketball team.

George 69, Jimmy 61.

Delaware at Georgia State: 4:00 tip, the Comcast Family of networks. Talent wins out.

Hens 70, Panthers 62.

The College at VCU: 7:30 tip. This one is easy. Anthony Grant watches too much film to allow precision to win out. Watch him on the sidelines one time. He calls out the opponent’s play three seconds after they call it out. The only mystery here is which VCU player will earn a technical foul.

VCU 74, The College 58.

Old Dominion at Drexel: 7:00 tip, The Comcast Network, WSKY. This one is what February is all about. Huge game for seeding, two teams that stress defense and effort, just enough offense, one team playing well but just dropped a toughie, and another team just plain playing well but going on the road. Two very active sideline coaches.

Love. This. Game.

All that said, it is going to come down to the board work. The defenses are going to force a lot of missed shots–keep an eye on the offensive glass numbers. Somebody is going to have to have one of those 4-6 from three nights. Also, it isn’t Gerald Lee’s 20/10 that will win it for ODU.

Bru 57, Blaine 55.


~ by mglitos on February 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Because The Actual Basketball Games Matter, Too…”

  1. You picked us to lose against JMU and GMU, so now I know ODU will win.

    BTW, we found our Hunter…he just hails from Uusikaupunki not
    Carolina. Can you say Uusikaupunki 10 times in a row with a
    straight face? Maybe after 10 Stellas. lol

  2. Northeastern’s Die Hards will be there for PFF.

    However, our second tier fans will be there in force on Saturday. We have something called our last home hockey game on Friday night against Boston College.

    Only at Northeastern would a seemingly unimportant hockey game (it likely will be for seeding in Hockey East) usurp a conference basketball yournament.

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