Neither Does February College Basketball…

There are things we think, and there are things we know. Trouble exists in the things we think we know. (Oops.) Dennison (19 shots!) and Jenkins combining to go 6-34 from the field isn’t exactly helpful. This was just a Mason rout from the opening tip.

ODU is working its way back up the ladder. Most importantly, Gerald Lee is becoming that guy. And by that guy I mean selfish. Lee scored 19 points and hauled 11 boards, but it was the way he amassed the dub-dub. It took him trying 17 field goals (only six made) and nine free throws (seven made) to get to 19, and five of his rebounds were offensive.

That’s Keyshawn Johnson stuff. It had better not change. I’m also liking the fire of Marsharee Neely.


Tonight’s Slate:

JMU at Georgia State: This game is why road teams are winning at a scary clip this season. The Dukes feature four double-figure scorers and two others–Andrey Semenov and Pierre Curtis–that can score upper teens on any night. There will be no JYD, but who are you going to stop?

Here’s my data point: Matt Brady said he was afraid of Georgia State’s team speed. He is concerned that he has a slow team and JMU won’t be able to keep up. At no point did he mention a fear of shooting or rebounding or any actual basketball skill. Let’s be clear: I’m cracking on the Panthers, not Brady. And it’s all in fun.

Even if JMU is far slower, you can only go 94 feet at a time, and they force you to give the other guy a chance every 35 seconds.

JMU 74, Ga State 67.

VCU at UNCW: I’m going to have to defer to Mull on this one.

VCU 81, UNCW 72.

Nor’easter at W&M: Between snubs and road weary and the funky shooting angles and the precision and the dangerous team and the looking ahead and you can keep filling in the reasons, this is a dangerous game for Nor’easter.

Here’s my analysis: he doth protest too much.

NU 61, W&M 51.

Drexel at Delaware: We got to chat with Bruiser yesterday and found out that the same tailor makes suits for both he and Monte Ross. That’s why we love Bruiser–we don’t always have to talk about “taking care of the basketball” and “taking them one game at a time” and jazz like that. This just in: he’s coaching his ass off this year, and if I voted right now he is the coach of the year.

But Bruiser is a coach, and he told me that Delaware is the scariest team in the league. I agree. Egerson, Carter, Johnson, and Fonzie are quite a quartet that has me scratching my head so much I was able to shift gears in Teh Jepp. You see, Delaware has one more game like they had against VCU earlier this season where it all comes together.

And because I need a little ego boost after the Mason/Hofstra debacle from last night, I must point out that we were the first to believe that Drexel could be on the road to 9-3 and staring at ODU. (Scroll down to the Drexel/UNCW game.)

Yes We Can 66, Blue (State) 61.


~ by mglitos on February 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Neither Does February College Basketball…”

  1. So did you ask Bruiser if his tailor makes his pants extra baggy so he has to grab his package about 400 times during the game?

  2. Crazy night in the CAA! Not such a good call on Bruiser’s squad getting to 9-3 in league play and nearly a great call on the VCU-UNCW scrap. Just hoping tonight’s losses don’t hurt the Huskies and Rams too much come selection Sunday (although, unfortunately, I’m sure they will).

  3. Selection Sunday. Forget it. Unless you’re talking about being selected for the NIT, CBI, and tournaments. The only reason to watch the real selection show will be to see the seeding and pairing of our one tournament representative.

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