Brilliance Never Gets Old…

And when the broken hearted people, living in the world agree,

There will be an answer,

Let it be…

I had a realization last night, just after a self-snicker on the Hofstra/Mason game, that what I told a few angry emailers privately I had not said publicly. So here’s the final words on BracketBusters, at least until we get into hysterical predicition mode:

First, get off Tom Yeager’s back. This call was made by ESPN and ESPN alone. The WWLIS is not in the business of being fair, they are in the business of great programming. That’s why I’d bet Bill Coen’s mortgage we will see a Liberty/ODU then Davidson/Butler double-dip, and I will puke.

George Mason played a few games a couple of years back that people remember, and VCU has a pretty good point guard whose name you may know. Plus, the Rams have a win in a tournament (led by that point guard) fresh in the memory banks. Of course they are going to get a “better” game. Look at it from ESPNs point of view.

There is no southern bias, and Yeager did not promote Mason at the expense of Nor’easter. That would be silly and actually defies logic. Though I cannot talk about what was said, I was consulted and gave my opinion. Let’s be clear: I don’t like it and I think NU deserved better, but it is a fact of life. Move on.

And really, as you are about to read, I don’t think it is a huge deal. Yeager and his team lobbied hard but ultimately they had to sit back and wait like the rest of us.  If anybody has a gripe it’s Anthony Grant. VCU gets to fly to Reno and play two days after hosting Delaware.

Second, can anyone please explain to me why the snub–and let’s be clear Nor’easter was snubbed–is really that big of a deal? The Huskies needed about 458 things to fall into place, including themselves losing, to gain an at large berth. As Dizzy Dean once said during spring training sprints: “I have a donkey back in Oklahoma, and we could run him from sun up to sundown, and he ain’t never winning the Kentucky Derby.”

The whole at large bid is a fool’s argument. Just cross your fingers and hope Brad Brownell wins every game except the Nor’easter game.

The sum, and it is with great irony that I quote Bill Coen when he was discussing the unbalanced schedule: good teams overcome hurdles and win the games that are on their schedule.

Quite frankly, now that I’m a full day from the emotion of it all, I find this to be much ado about nothing. We’re all going to forget this by March 6.

Better to be snubbed in February by ESPN than in March by CBS, no?


~ by mglitos on February 4, 2009.

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