“We Came Home And We Were Maynored…”

So says Tom Pecora after his Pride returned to the Island after defeating UNCW.

Apologies as illness has me handcuffed.

Other coaches:

Poor Bill

On the distractions of first place: “We have a level-headed group. They come into practice every day and they are businesslike. They are a little bit older and are not as impressionable, but they are hungry to accomplish something. No one on this team has done that before. That’s not to say we can’t be distracted but they have an extra focus and they are enjoying their accomplishments but they know we have work to do.”

“All year long we’ve relied on our defense and rebounding to keep us in ballgames but (now)  our ball movement is good and our execution is better and our confidence is high and you tend to shoot the ball a little better.”

On the league knowing each other so well: “Your first and second options are taken away and you have to be well versed in finding other options. It’s a tribute to the great preparation throughout the league.”

Anthony Grant

EDIT: This guy asked the question and did a much better job framing Grant being asked about the Alabama job.

Tony Shaver

On Nor’easter: “You HAVE to shoot a great percentage to beat them. They have guys that are fine getting two points, eight rebounds and five assists. You need that to win championships.”

Benny Moss

“I’m as proud of what they’ve accomplished over the past two weeks than ever.”

Matt Brady

Gave a Juwann James update, which is basically a long version of “we don’t know.” The detail: James is still undergoing tests. They’ve ruled out anything structural to his heart and it isn’t related to his periocarditis. James will be in the gym shooting free throws today, but they don’t know what’s wrong nor when he will return. They are hypothesizing that it may be related to anxiety.

On Andrey Semenov: “All he cares about is winning.”


~ by mglitos on February 2, 2009.

One Response to ““We Came Home And We Were Maynored…””

  1. I kinda wish Grant would just take a shot on one of these “big time” college jobs, just so we can stop hearing about him going somewhere EVERY YEAR…hey, it’s good to be wanted – especially in this economy.

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